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Sign of Success: Dryzhakov Selected for DoE Science Graduate Student Research Award

Bogdan Dryzhakov, a doctoral candidate in materials science and engineering, was recently named a DoE Science Graduate Student Research Award winner.

Electricity in the Air: Wang, Bai Pursue Goal of Electrified Flight

Fred Wang and Hua Bai are developing breaker-related technology that could help improve electrified flight and increase the speed at which it is adopted.

Zawodzinski to Lead Department of Energy Fuel Cell Project

The US DOE has chosen a project led by UT–ORNL Governor’s Chair Thomas Zawodzinski as recipient of Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy grants.

UT Nuclear Engineering Student Chosen for Top Fellowship

UT’s Eric O’Quinn, a graduate student in nuclear engineering, has been chosen by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science for enrollment in its graduate student research program. The award goes to students identified as having research in areas that the Office of Science deems critical for the nation and provides them research opportunities in […]