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Learning is a journey of discovery—and the Volunteer spirit means no one sits on the sidelines. Engineering is no exception.

In today’s global world there is a demand for creators, designers, innovators, and problem solvers who can both see the big picture without forgetting the details. TCE’s interdisciplinary engineering design program provides opportunities for seniors to earn practical work experience with industry partners. An integrated curriculum further extends these opportunities to first-year students through the engage Engineering Fundamentals Program and the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program.

These programs are among the nation’s most innovative, success-oriented approaches to first-year engineering education. Students are introduced to the different engineering majors offered, physics as a foundation for further learning, and the teamwork and communications skills necessary to succeed.

With a broad range of disciplines at both the undergrad and graduate level, including eight programs ranked in the top 30, TCE prides itself on offering personalized and hands-on learning for our students. Bolstered by unique offerings such as the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering program, which is ideal for students who want to work at the intersection of business and engineering, the college can provide a truly relevant education for today’s ever-changing world.

An additional catalog of online master’s degrees and graduate certificates provide the opportunity for continued learning to many.



The college is comprised of eight departments of study with graduate-level engineering courses also available through the University of Tennessee Space Institute and the Bredesen Center.

CEE Students work on project on the AG Campus

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Degrees &


The college offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees in 19 different engineering disciplines. Explore the options available to Engineering Vols.

Students in the Min Kao Engineering Building
Students look at computer while working in John D. Tickle Engineering Building conference room

Specialty Programs

The college is home to several unique programs designed to facilitate the success of our students. From our innovative first-year programs, the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program and engage Engineering Fundamentals program, to the multidisciplinary Integrated Engineering Design program for seniors, the college has a wide array of offerings designed to help our students from their first year through commencement.

Bredesen Center

The Bredesen Center unites resources and capabilities from UT and ORNL to promote advanced research and to provide innovative solutions to global challenges.

UTSI students working with QuasiModal

UT Space Institute

UTSI is a leader in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, and several other disciplines.

Academic and Student Affairs

The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is  responsible for a number of critical college functions like advising, setting curricula, first-year programs, and more.