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Innovators in Nuclear Engineering Receive Federal Accolades, Project Support

The US Department of Energy announced support for a PhD student and five faculty with innovative projects to improve nuclear power plant design and safety.

Nuclear Engineering Sweeps Up $3.2M in NEUP Awards

Several faculty in the department have been awarded grants from the US Department of Energy totaling $3.2 million through the $48.8 million given through the Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP). This year, the program supports 69 university-led nuclear energy research and development projects in 27 states. The NEUP seeks to maintain US leadership in nuclear […]

Research Highlight: Ivan Maldonado, Brian Wirth, and Jamie Coble

Ivan Maldonado (at top right), associate professor, and Brian Wirth (at middle left), Governor’s Chair Professor, both of the Department of Nuclear Engineering, are leading a team that is looking at nuclear reaction safety and performance. Maldonado’s team will try to analyze and evaluate fuels that are more tolerant to accidents, helping with overall safety […]