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Sign of Success: Dryzhakov Selected for DoE Science Graduate Student Research Award

Bogdan Dryzhakov, a doctoral candidate in materials science and engineering, was recently named a DoE Science Graduate Student Research Award winner.

President Trump Nominates UT-ORNL Expert Babu for National Science Board

Suresh Babu, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Advanced Manufacturing, has been selected by the White House to serve on the National Science Board.

Recent UT Graduate, Researchers Earn Patent for Optics Improvement

Key Points Optics help drive scientific exploration, from nanoscopic levels to telescopes A UT-led team has made a breakthrough allowing for unprecedented resolution The team has received a US patent for the work Microscopes help us examine, understand, and improve materials, medicines, and organisms at some of the smallest levels imaginable. Telescopes help us look […]