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Study Abroad

study abroad


The college encourages our students to participate in an international experience before graduation. These experiences prepare Engineering Vols as internationally-aware engineers as they enter a global workforce.

The college recognizes the need to prepare an internationally-aware generation of engineers for success in the global workforce. Upon embarking on their careers, our graduates will most likely work for a multi-national corporation or a company that has extensive dealings with foreign countries (suppliers, customers, end users) or may even be required to travel internationally.

We strongly encourage our students to obtain an international experience before graduation and offer a number of programs in support of this objective. These range from one-week to full-semester experiences as described below. All of these opportunities also satisfy the Chancellors Honors Program “Ready for the World” requirement.

*Scholarships are available from the Programs Abroad office of the Center for International Education.

Before You Travel

Once you choose a study abroad opportunity, check out our travel tips page to make getting ready a breeze.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Engineering students can take part in UT Study Abroad programs throughout the world. There are programs in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America. You can take classes during one semester, mini-term, summer, or the whole academic year. The college offers two types of study abroad programs with more options available through the Center for Global Engagement.

Alexis Walsh and other students during London trip.

Faculty-Directed Study Abroad

Students travel abroad with a college faculty member for three to five weeks and receive credit for one or two engineering courses, usually three or six hours.

Milan Study Abroad Trip

Full-Semester Study Abroad

Students travel abroad for an entire semester while taking both technical and general education courses.

Students on a service trip in Guatemala

Center for Global Engagement

The Center for Global Engagement works to lead, coordinate, and support the university’s strategies for global education, research, and engagement.