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Several in Tickle College of Engineering Recognized at UT Honors Banquet

CAREER Recognition: Five from Tickle College of Engineering Earn Award

“In simplest terms, that means that more than one-fourth of our assistant professors have been signaled out for this highly thought of award in just the last three years,” said Wayne Davis, dean of the college. “It’s a good reflection on the work our departments are doing and that our faculty has grown by quality as well as quantity.”

UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair to Lead Major Research for US Navy

“With this award, UT continues to expand its research portfolio with the Department of Defense and, in particular, this opportunity with the Office of Naval Research,” said Victor McCrary, vice chancellor for research. “Dr. Babu is a prime example of the university’s research excellence.”

Doing by Thinking

A drone is the first device Zhao, graduate students Reza Abiri and Soheil Borhani, and undergraduate Justin Kilmarx, have demonstrated the ability to pilot using brainwaves, and they are amazing spectators who have the opportunity to see them make the drone fly without a normal hand-held controller.

Rocketry Team Taking Part in NASA Competition

“We made a unanimous decision to go with the rover option,” said Grayson Hawkins, a senior in mechanical engineering who co-leads the team with Theresa Palandro, a senior in aerospace engineering. “We must consider problems such as ‘Can the main axle handle 20 Gs of acceleration?’ and ‘What is the most efficient way to stow the rover during flight?’”

UT, Harvard, Penn Team Up on Major Materials Breakthrough

“Having the ability to change fiber orientation without changing the tool path used to deposit the material means that optimal or near-optimal fiber arrangements can be achieved at every location in the printed part, resulting in higher strength and stiffness with less material,” said Brett Compton, a co-author of the study and assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UT.