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Several in Tickle College of Engineering Recognized at UT Honors Banquet

Accolades: Engineers dig ORE, Thompson presents, Ahmadi publishes, Thakur competes

For women in higher education, talking about career advancement and ambitions can be taboo. This session offered a safe forum for women attendees to discuss aspirations, skill sets and experiences, and how these things fit within (or outside of) their respective organizations.

UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair to Lead Major Research for US Navy

“With this award, UT continues to expand its research portfolio with the Department of Defense and, in particular, this opportunity with the Office of Naval Research,” said Victor McCrary, vice chancellor for research. “Dr. Babu is a prime example of the university’s research excellence.”

Wu Wins Top Engineering Award for Materials Science Research

“The center has provided me resources and support to help me achieve fruitful personal development,” said Wu. “They have inspired me to investigate all sorts of interesting ideas and have motivated me to find solutions and answers.