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Several in Tickle College of Engineering Recognized at UT Honors Banquet

Staff Spotlight: JeNai Davis Helps CEE Students Navigate Their Semesters

JeNai Davis joined the college as an academic advisor for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in early 2021. She helps CEE students with course planning and helps address their concerns about academic support and scheduling.

Accolades: Engineers dig ORE, Thompson presents, Ahmadi publishes, Thakur competes

For women in higher education, talking about career advancement and ambitions can be taboo. This session offered a safe forum for women attendees to discuss aspirations, skill sets and experiences, and how these things fit within (or outside of) their respective organizations.

Walking Under the Influence

Highlights Walking Under the Influence of alcohol can play a role in car accidents that result in injury or death. Exploring the association between characteristics of the pedestrian, road, and environment and WUI could help save lives. The researchers have discovered the demographic profile of WUI pedestrians as well as when these crashes usually occur. […]

UT’s Fu Earns Environmental Education Recognition

“Earning recognition from within your research focus is always a special feeling,” said Fu, the John D. Tickle Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “It’s validation of your work, your methods, and of the students that have come through your classes and research projects.”

CAREER Recognition: Five from Tickle College of Engineering Earn Award

“In simplest terms, that means that more than one-fourth of our assistant professors have been signaled out for this highly thought of award in just the last three years,” said Wayne Davis, dean of the college. “It’s a good reflection on the work our departments are doing and that our faculty has grown by quality as well as quantity.”