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UT Research Holds Promise for Medical, Scientific Breakthroughs

CAREER Recognition: Five from Tickle College of Engineering Earn Award

“In simplest terms, that means that more than one-fourth of our assistant professors have been signaled out for this highly thought of award in just the last three years,” said Wayne Davis, dean of the college. “It’s a good reflection on the work our departments are doing and that our faculty has grown by quality as well as quantity.”

UT Professor Andy Sarles’ Research Into Droplets Could Lead to Breakthroughs in Detection, Clean Water

The ability to pull water out of fog is just one of many possibilities made real by research involving assistant professor Andy Sarles of the College of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee. The project Sarles took part in—Air-stable Droplet Interface Bilayers on Oil-infused Surfaces—was published recently in […]