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Engineering Vols

Aerial drone photo of the John D. Tickle Engineering Building, the Tennessee River, and downtown Knoxville during a foggy morning in February 2019


Engineering Vols

As an Engineering Vol, you’ll be part of a collaborative, dynamic, student-focused community. We’ll help you secure research experiences, co-op and internship opportunities, mentoring, and other support needed to help you graduate with the confidence and skills to start your career or enter graduate school.

Professor working with students in ICS

Want to Learn More?

Fill out a request for an info packet to learn more about our programs, financial support, and how to apply.

Everyone here is on the same level, all the students. It’s not a really competition. There is a really nice sense of companionship here. We are all aiming for the same goal and everyone that I’ve met, no one has tried to push anyone down.”

– AJ, junior, chemical engineering

Introducing our Engineering Vols

We proudly celebrate the wide scope of pursuits and passions enjoyed by our Engineering Vols family. We are musicians. Entrepreneurs. Athletes. Restauranteurs. “Engineer” is just one word to describe who you will be once you join us.


Just don’t be afraid to make friends! Everyone I’ve met has been super friendly, and so finding similarities with classmates, fellow club members, or even strangers in line at the dining hall is super easy. It’s also different than high school because you meet a much broader variety of people, and so you expand your worldview along the way.”

– Bella, junior, industrial engineering

Student Organizations

There are more than 30 engineering organizations students can join. These orgs typically provide professional development and networking opportunities, guest speaker sessions, opportunities to attend regional and national conferences, and of course camaraderie with other engineering students. Hear from Travis, Christine, and Sam about what it’s like to be a part of one of these student orgs by watching the videos below.