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Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana | Class: Senior | Major: Aerospace Engineering | Paid Experience: Research Assistant with Joint Institute for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Internship at Arconic, Morristown | Upcoming Summer internship at GE Aviation

Pro-tip for Prospective Students:
“Don’t limit yourself based on high school. College is different. I was an A student in high school, 4.0 GPA, but in college I’ve experienced disappointments, like a C. I have realized I can’t base my future off of my past. So, explore your options. If you think you might be great at nuclear or biosystems, come and take a tour. Talk to students about their experiences at UT. You never know what hidden gems are around to help you be more than just one thing.”

Want to Learn More?

Fill out a request for an info packet to learn more about our programs, financial support, and how to apply.

Why did you choose to do a co-op?

“When you co-op, you’re almost guaranteed a full time job before you graduate. Compared to other fields, doing a co-op really prepares you for the real world after graduation. UT does a great job of preparing you for professional interactions. You might be shell shocked at an interview, but you’ll still be prepared. You need these communication skills as an engineer, and TCE teaches those skills.”

Arianna Worthy talking to students in the EECS Lab

How did you find community at UT?

“Engineering Diversity Programs has been my home since I got to UT! They are here for students who may or may not have it all mapped out and planned, so when you need help with making life decisions concerning internship, class schedules, and opportunities that arise, it’s a home away from home. They’ve been crucial when it came to making those hard decisions.”

Arianna working with other students in the EECS Lab