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Hometown: Memphis | Class: Senior | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Paid Experience: Clinical Operations and Compliance intern with Medtronic | Engineering Design Intern with Southern Company Gas | Supply Chain Engineering intern with PepsiCo/Frito Lay

Pro-tip for Prospective Students:
“Something that I always like to say on my tours is that you can’t make a small school bigger, but you can make a big school smaller. I think the University of Tennessee and the Tickle College of Engineering do a great job at giving you ample opportunities to find your place and find your fit.”

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What’s your favorite part about being an Engineering Vol?

“Getting the chance to lead tours is something that has really been impactful to me. The satisfaction that comes from being an ambassador and being able to help prospective students and their families find their fit as they are going through their college selection journey. That’s definitely been the most satisfying part of being at UT.”

Kassidy posing in front of Ferris Hall

How did you pick UT?

“I participated in the pre-college summer programs hosted by the Office of Diversity programs. I did EVOL9, EVOL10, HITES11, and HITES12. So, before coming onto campus, I felt like I had a support system. I had already begun networking with some professors and even ended up landing an undergraduate research position with a professor (Dr. Elizabeth Barker) I had met when I was a sophomore in high school. There were opportunities like that, that I felt like I would not be able to get at other institutions or other universities, so it really made me feel comfortable with enrolling at UT and especially an engineering program at UT.”

Engineering Ambassadors

How did you find community at UT?

“The different engineering organizations that are offered is something that has been important to me. I am a part of the Cook Grand Challenge honors program and that has really been a great help, especially my freshman year, being able to bond with those TAs and having those one-on-one relationships with my professors. NSBE is another organization I have been a part of, where I’ve been able to find that community of people both inside and outside of my major.”

Kassidy at NSBE Conference in Detroit with fellow Engineering Vols