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Hometown: Memphis | Class: Senior | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Minors: Biomedical Engineering and Reliability & Maintainability Engineering | Paid Experience: Co-op at Southern Company as a sophomore | Currently deciding on whether to go back this summer or co-op with General Electric

Pro-tip for Prospective Students:
“Realize your dream and keep striving toward it. Break the mold. Be different. Don’t just go with the status quo of your situation. Also, apply for scholarships, they are out there, so get them!”

Want to Learn More?

Fill out a request for an info packet to learn more about our programs, financial support, and how to apply.

Favorite thing about the college?

“I like the initiative toward diversity. Mr Griffin and Mr. John always make sure we’re doing ok, from things like interview prep to helping with our resumes to making sure we eat. That little stuff goes a long way for me—they want to improve our lives any way they can. Their involvement in NSBE and TLSAMP means they push students to be better than they know they can be. They have taken me to conferences and pushed me to take internships. Also, Dr. Meek invited me to bible study and I don’t think you would catch that other places. And Dr. Duty, he goes out of his way to get to know everyone’s name. ”

Austin Taylor in the student union

Why TCE?

“It’s the personal touch—I felt like they cared. Before I got accepted, or had even applied for scholarships, I got an invite to Breakfast of Champions and to come tour the college. The email was a small gesture but it went a long way for me. UT has people who care about me and wanted to see me here.

“Jump was also important to meet other underrepresented students to campus. It shows you it’s possible. I was scared going to a PWI I wouldn’t fit in and wouldn’t find my place, but I did.”

Austin with his buddies

How did you find your community?

“The STEAM mentor program was the first time I saw a group of people who looked like me. We had a little summit—not only did I gain mentor, but to see everyone doing well, to see other people from different walks of life come to the same place to reach the same goals is cool. ”

Austin walking with Henry Iduoze and Iffy Akinduro