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Jeremy Mobley, academic advisor for civil and environmental engineering

Staff Spotlight: Jeremy Mobley

Jeremy Mobley joined the college this summer as academic advisor for undergraduates in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He immediately began the groundwork to build a mutual rapport and trust with students in the department.

“I want to help them explore their strengths, interests, and values so they can effectively identify curricular and co-curricular opportunities that are relevant to their immediate and long-term professional goals,” he said.

Mobley is from Roanoke, Virginia, but calls the entire southwest Virginia region “home.” He earned his BS in sociology with minors in psychology and women’s studies at Radford University in 2013 and his MA in global and sociocultural studies, with a focus on race, gender, and sexuality, at Florida International University in 2019.

“With a background in social science, I love to do research,” he said. “Let’s collaborate.”

Mobley has worked in higher education since 2012, and plans to make a career of it.

“I have previous experience with advising at Radford University,” he said. “I served as the main advisor for the Scholar Citizen Initiative, a program focused on interdisciplinary civic engagement and service learning.”

Career opportunities brought Mobley and his partner to Knoxville earlier this year from Johnson City. His partner, Jon, works just across the river from the engineering campus at the Regal Cinemas headquarters—which is good for movie-buff Mobley.

“I am an avid consumer of comic books and the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” he said. His favorite pastimes also include tabletop board games, video games, and hanging around with the family pets—a “seasoned” cat named Tip and a newly adopted kitten named Tum Tum.