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UT Teaming with Intel to Advance HPC and Visualization through oneAPI

UT announced today the creation of a new Intel oneAPI Center of Excellence to provide solutions in high performance computing (HPC) and visualization using oneAPI. The center will focus on two projects: porting the open-source HPC Ginkgo library to oneAPI for cross-architecture support, and expanding its Intel Graphics and Visualization Institute of XeLLENCE to enable high-end visualization as a service through oneAPI.

oneAPI is an open sourced, unified programming model that simplifies development across multiple types of architectures (CPUs, GPU, FPGAs, and other accelerators). It’s based on industry standards and delivers uncompromised performance for accelerated compute, and removes constraints of proprietary programming models.

Two UT researchers have active projects at the center: Hartwig Anzt, a research scientist in UT’s Innovative Computing Lab, and Jian Huang, a professor in the Tickle College of Engineering’s Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Read more about the development at the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development