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Caleb Napper, Sarah Godfrey, Bridgie Cawthon, and Diego Ferrer

TLSAMP Boosts Grad School Plans for Engineering Vols

Encouragement from TLSAMP resources sparks participation in undergraduate research and offers opportunities that positively impact students’ plans for graduate school. Participating students from the University of Tennessee Tickle College of Engineering represent multiple fields of study as they prepare to take their education to the next level.

TLSAMP has given these students chances to attend research conferences, participate in the GEM program, benefit from the GRE prep program, and undertake undergraduate research.

Chemical engineering major Bridgie “BJ” Cawthon Jr. experienced research with Professor Barry Bruce, Department of Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Associate Professor Brian Long, Department of Chemistry. Cawthon plans to pursue his PhD in chemical engineering.

Mechanical engineering major Ariel Lane did undergraduate research with Research Assistant Professor Michael LaCour. She will pursue her master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

Diego Ferrer pursued undergraduate computer engineering research with Professor Xiaopeng Zhao and will continue into master’s degree studies.

Sarah Godfrey did material science and engineering research with Professor Dr. Phillip Rack and now heads in to her master’s degree studies.

Caleb Napper did his undergraduate research in civil engineering with Professor John Ma. He will next begin his master’s degree studies.

Cawthon, Lane, Ferrer, Napper, and Godfrey are all GEM Fellow applicants.

Jessica Pierce did her biomedical engineering research with Assistant Professor Dustin Crouch and now heads into an industry role and medical school.