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Gilbert Team Discovery Puts a Magnetic Spin on Neuromorphic Computing

The word “fractals” might inspire images of psychedelic colors spiraling into infinity in a computer animation. An invisible, but powerful and useful, version of this phenomenon exists in the realm of dynamic magnetic fractal networks. Dustin Gilbert, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and colleagues have published new findings in the […]

TLSAMP Boosts Grad School Plans for Engineering Vols

Participating students from the University of Tennessee Tickle College of Engineering represent multiple fields of study as they prepare to take their education to the next level. TLSAMP has given these students chances to attend research conferences, participate in the GEM program, benefit from the GRE prep program, and undertake undergraduate research.

The Conversation: X-Ray Vision via Fast Computers, 5G, and Radar that Goes Through Walls

Imagine if rescuers could see through the debris to spot survivors under the rubble, measure their vital signs and even generate images of the victims. This is rapidly becoming possible using see-through-wall radar technology.

Engineering Vols Compute the Switchgrass Harvest

“Harvesting switchgrass was definitely a different experience from what I normally do,” said Valerie Garcia-Negrón. “It made me realize how exciting and important it is to be in the field doing hands-on activities. Working with switchgrass helped our group obtain a holistic view of the project’s processing phases: harvesting plants, extracting lignin, converting lignin into carbon products, and modeling the carbon samples at the atomic- and meso-scales.”

Accolades: Engineers dig ORE, Thompson presents, Ahmadi publishes, Thakur competes

For women in higher education, talking about career advancement and ambitions can be taboo. This session offered a safe forum for women attendees to discuss aspirations, skill sets and experiences, and how these things fit within (or outside of) their respective organizations.

Accolades: Sarles is in the Spotlight, Taufer is One to Watch, T&T is in business, Busch is in the Band

Most people don’t walk around thinking about their bodies as a marvel of engineering. Then again, most people don’t know nearly as much about the properties of cells and their applications for engineering as Assistant Professor of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering Andy Sarles.