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Tickle College of Engineering Is 20th Among Public Schools in Online Master’s Program

The Tickle College of Engineering remained highly placed in the latest U.S. News and World Report ranking of online master’s engineering programs, released today. The college is now 20th among public schools, 27th overall.

The college offers several online master’s and graduate certificate options, including in advanced manufacturing, hypersonics, engineering management, and will soon begin teaching classes in computer science.

“Our online ranking is already strong and is something in which we should take pride, but our mission is far from over, and I see big things in our future,” said Matthew Mench, dean and Wayne T. Davis Dean’s Chair in the college. “In the coming years, we will roll out online programs of the highest standard that help us bring a world-class education to those who need it, whether that is traditional students, people changing careers, or those seeking career development.”

For engineering, U.S. News determines rankings based on the following data:

  • Engagement, including both participation levels from students and the accessibility and responsiveness of faculty (25 percent);
  • The academic credentials of faculty who serve as online instructors, as well as the resources available for them to use (25 percent);
  • Results of a survey gathering the opinion of academic officials from around the country, who might offer insight that raw data cannot (25 percent);
  • The amount of technology, support, and services available to help build flexible, well-supported online learning environments from a wide array of technology (12.5 percent); and
  • A proven ability for students to handle the coursework and a success rate of legitimacy when entering the job market post-online learning (12.5 percent).

Not every discipline within engineering is ranked in the online edition, unlike the graduate and undergraduate program rankings that typically get released in early spring and early fall, respectively.

Civil, electrical, industrial, management, and mechanical engineering were the five areas of study calculated in the online rankings, with each school responding to the survey being asked to list 15 schools in each area at most that they thought excelled, with listed schools having the requirement of appearing on at least five such lists, in addition to making the overall rankings.

For this year’s edition, 112 schools participated in accordance with U.S. News regulations, up from 105 in 2021.