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Thompson and Skutnik Fill New Roles for Office of Academic and Student Affairs

Jalonda Thompson
Jalonda Thompson

Familiar faces will fill two new roles for the college’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Jalonda Thompson is now Director of Women in Engineering and Anne Skutnik is the office’s Engagement and Outreach Coordinator.

“I am delighted to be working with these two energetic and visionary women in launching new initiatives for TCE to promote engineering and build partnerships to attract a great workforce to engineering from all walks of life,” said Ozlem Kilic, associate dean of academic and student affairs.

Thompson is previously the assistant director for the college’s Office of Diversity Programs. In her new role, she will develop strategic initiatives and lead efforts to promote women in engineering at UT. She will focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented group of undergraduate and graduate women, and also on mentoring women-centric student organizations within the college.

Anne Skutnik.
Anne Skutnik

Skutnik has worked as the education and outreach coordinator for CURENT. She will now help oversee K-12 engineering education outreach, including coordinating with those who do departmental outreach and working with groups across campus, such as 4-H, to creating new community partnerships with organizations like YMCA. She will also consult with faculty members who are writing proposals and want to include college initiatives to broadening participation.

“Along with these two positions, we also have created a new group of WiE Ambassadors and Outreach Ambassadors to actively engage with K-12 communities and female students at all ages,” said Kilic. “These two appointments, as well as our new ambassadors, recognize our college’s commitment to accessible engineering education.”