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2017 EUReCA Winners

TCE Students Show Off Research at EUReCA

Seventy six students from the Tickle College of Engineering presented their research and design posters at the 2017 EUReCA Awards in April. This is a record number for the college and an increase over the 46 who participated last year. The judges were quite impressed with the overall quality of the posters presented. The winners are listed below.

The college would like to recognize the following faculty and graduate students who volunteered to act as judges and thank them for their time: Abhijeet Borole, Anahita Khojandi, Angel Palomino, Anne Turner, Brett Compton, Daniel Yoder, David Donovan, Donatello Materassi, Doug Aaron, Emam E. Abdel Fatah, Jamie Coble, Jason Clement, John Reynolds, Joshua Sangoro, Kim Carter, Kurt Sickafus, Libby Barker, Madhu Madhukar, Mariya Zhuravleva, Mark Denavit, Martin Grossbeck, Oleg Shylo, Roberto Benson, Stephen Paddison, Terry Hazen, and Toby Boulet.

Design Category

First Place

2017 winning EUReCA team
The 2017 winning EUReCA team form the Department of Nuclear Engineering. From left: Ondrej Chvala, Zachary Bingham, Duncan Brocklehurst, Daniel Peffley, James Ghawaly, Colton Oldham, Department Head Wes Hines.

“Design of a Subcritical Fast Neutron Source for UTNE”
From second left above: William Cureton, Zachary Bingham, Duncan Brocklehurst, Daniel Peffley, James Ghawaly, Colton Oldham
Faculty Mentors: Ondrej Chvala (far left) and Wes Hines (far right)
Department: Nuclear Engineering

Second Place
“A Drill Guide Stabilization System for Acromioclavicular Reconstruction Surgery”
Jake Childs, Jarrod Nachtrab, Austin Conley, Jason Seinfeld
Faculty Mentor: Jeff Reinbolt
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Third Place
“Comprehensive Modeling of Holdup Deposits for Internal and External Piping Measurement Systems”
Eleanor Comer, Zane Wallen, Thomas Smith, Cameron Ubben, Stephen Barush, Cal Fosseen
Faculty Mentor: Graham Walford
Department: Nuclear Engineering

Research Category

First Place
“Tungsten Deposition Analysis Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry”
Lauren Finney
Faculty Mentor: David Donovan
Department: Nuclear Engineering

Second Place
“Trajectory Distortions Associated with Positron Emission Particle Tracking”
Zachary Bingham, Matthew Herald
Faculty Mentor: Arthur Ruggles
Department: Nuclear Engineering

Third Place
“Discovery of New Ternary Compounds and Scintillators of the A4BX6 Family”
Jesse Johnson
Faculty Mentor: Chuck Melcher
Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Honorable Mentions
“Object Manipulation in a Brain-Machine Interface Robotic Platform”
Justin Kilmarx
Faculty Mentor: Xiaopeng Zhao
Department: Biomedical Engineering

“Characterization of Surrogate Alloys for Special Nuclear Material Forensic Applications”
Joshua Gurka
Faculty Mentor: John Auxier
Department: Nuclear Engineering

“Structural stability of REE-PO4 (REE=Sm,Tb) under static pressure and swift heavy ion irradiation”
Jacob Cooper
Faculty Mentor: Maik Lang
Department: Nuclear Engineering

“Friction Hydro Pillar Processing of Graphitized Carbon Steel Components”
William Hoskins
Faculty Mentor: Carl D Lundin
Department: Materials Science & Engineering

“Characterization of Void Distribution in hand layup Composite Patches using Automated Processing of Microstructure Imaging”
Tyler Newsom
Faculty Mentor: Stephanie TerMaath
Department: Mechanical Engineering

“Study of temperature effect on cation inversion in MgAl2O4 and NiAl2O4 spinel using neutron total scattering.”
Igor Gussev
Faculty Mentor: Maik Lang
Department: Nuclear Engineering

“Sol-Gel Synthesis and Cation Doping of Ca12Al14O33 Nanocages”
Sabrina Schwerzler
Faculty Mentor: Claudia Rawn
Department: Materials Science & Engineering

“Development of Experimental Database of Steel-Concrete Composite Columns”
Morgan Jenkins
Faculty Mentor: Mark Denavit
Department: Civil Engineering