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Staff Spotlight: Mark Volk Brings Reliability Experience to RMC

Mark Volk, Reliability Project Manager for the Reliability and Maintainability Center.
Mark Volk, Reliability Project Manager for the Reliability and Maintainability Center.

Mark Volk joined UT’s Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) as the reliability project manager in 2020. He oversees the RMC Training Factory, the Futures Lab, RMIC certification projects, student projects, training development and delivery, and interfaces with RMC partners.

Those interested may come see Volk with any questions about reliability centered maintenance or asset care, or even to ask “what that stuff is.”

“The RMC exists to share innovations with, and to help educate, manufacturing companies on maintenance best practices,” he said. “We help them create a safe, reliable, and competitive manufacturing environment.”

Volk has worked at nearly all levels in a variety of manufacturing operations over the last 40-plus years. He has a business degree from Hamilton University and is a Journeyman Electrician out of Local 212 IBEW.

“One could argue which has been more valuable in my career,” he said. “I have worked in construction, stamping, aluminum foundry die-cast, auto paint shop, auto general assembly, pharmaceuticals, rail car production, among others. I have worked for multiple companies in various locations throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. I have a great understanding of how change can affect everyone from floor-level workers to plant managers.”

He is eager to share his understanding with Engineering Vols and the RMC community of partners, and also sharing the RMC’s offerings.

“UT is one of the few universities that has both an undergraduate and a graduate reliability engineering program,” said Volk. “The RMC’s RMIC Certification Program is, in my opinion, the best RMC Certification available in the reliability world.”

Volk and wife Jean are originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and have lived in a variety of cities together, from Indiana to Florida, and for a time in Nashville. The two like to maintain DIY activities in the houses they have lived in, having built three homes and remodeled several others. They also like to get out of the house and see the outdoors often.

“We enjoy hiking—that sounds more adventurous than walking—traveling, relaxing,” he said. “We also just love playing with and watching our grandchildren.”

The Volks have come to appreciate Big Orange Country since moving here.

“I really like the area, Knoxville, the mountains, etc.,” he said. “I like the Vols’ spirit and the college town atmosphere.”