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Staff Spotlight: Gina Hale

Gina Hale
Gina Hale

Gina Hale has a few things on her administrative plate as the human resources specialist for the nuclear engineering department. She oversees new-hire paperwork, position changes, grad-student effort certification, payroll time entry, data entry, pay funding changes, and international and visiting scholar paperwork. She assists with faculty searches, terminations, keeps up multiple spreadsheets and does problem solving related to HR and payroll issues.

Overall, Hale can help students, staff, or faculty with any payroll related issues.

“I am very familiar with international paperwork as far as H1B, J1, and OPT,” she said.

Hale is a Knoxville native with a lot of payroll and banking experience who still pursues her continued education online.

“I have worked at UT for 12 years,” said Hale. “A little over seven in the main payroll office on campus, three years in mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering as administrative specialist, and going on 2 years in nuclear engineering.”

She feels that her payroll-office experience is a great asset to the NE department.

“I have the perspective of how paperwork is from the end point and now I am the one putting it together from the start,” she said. “I enjoy working at UT and the benefits are great.”

Hale enjoys working her exceptional co-workers and learning about the research taking place in the college. Outside of the office, she enjoys sports, music and cooking and spends time with husband John, their daughter Karmen, and their son Levi. She also schedules time to stay physically active.

“I love to exercise,” said Hale. “I get a good workout at least three days a week before coming in the office.”