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Ninety-three Researchers From College Make World’s Top-Cited Scientists Lists

Ninety-three researchers from the Tickle College of Engineering made Stanford University’s lists of the world’s top 2 percent of most cited scientists in their fields, bringing validation to their work and a bit of prestige as well.

Stanford creates annual single-year and career-long lists of the world’s most cited scientists by compiling Scopus data provided by Elsevier to come up with a composite score that considers the wide variety of citations, such as whether the person was sole author or one of many, for example. Stanford then lists researchers by that score, with the result being a ranking of the top 2 percent of cited scientists from around the world. Scientists are classified in 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-fields, according to the standard Science-Metrix classification. The career-long list includes data updated to the end of 2022 and the single-year list pertains to citations received during the 2022 calendar year.

“These rankings highlight the high impact work that our tremendous faculty and students are doing in our research programs,” said Dean Matthew Mench, the Wayne T. Davis Dean’s Chair of the college. “Citations of our research activity from others is an important measure of the level of innovation and discovery we are driving through our research programs. These rankings are one measure of the leadership that the Tickle College of Engineering demonstrates in various engineering disciplines.”

Single Year Impact

TCE faculty recognized as top scientists for single-year impact in order of individual ranking included:

Person Score Field (As listed by Stanford)
Steven Zinkle 3.8331 Energy
Arthur Ragauskas 3.8192 Biotechnology
Zhanhu Guo 3.7553 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
William Weber 3.5729 Applied Physics
Easo George 3.5506 Materials
Peter Liaw 3.5421 Materials
Suresh Babu 3.4783 Materials
Takeshi Egami 3.4416 Applied Physics
Bimal Bose* 3.4081 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Sergei Kalinin 3.4039 Applied Physics
Fangxing Li 3.3689 Energy
Baoshan Huang 3.3050 Logistics and Transportation
Jack Dongarra 3.2880 Distributed Computing
Fei Wang 3.2666 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Yanwen Zhang 3.1692 Applied Physics
Rigoberto Advincula 3.1680 Polymers
T. G. Nieh* 3.1434 Materials
Matthew Mench 3.0931 Energy
Yanfei Gao 3.0785 Materials
Asad Khattak 3.0639 Logistics & Transportation
Terry Hazen 3.0376 Microbiology
Leon Tolbert 3.0359 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Audris Mockus 3.0278 Software Engineering
Tony Schmitz 3.0270 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Brian Wirth 3.0190 Energy
Caleb Rucker 2.9772 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Michael Danquah 2.9616 Biotechnology
David Mandrus 2.9240 Applied Physics
Charles Melcher 2.8927 Nuclear & Particle Physics
Frank Löffler 2.8783 Microbiology
Himanshu Thapliyal 2.8608 Computer Hardware & Architecture
Zhenbo Wang 2.8534 Aerospace & Aeronautics
Thomas Zawodzinski 2.8399 Energy
Eric Lass 2.8331 Materials
Hairong Qi 2.7954 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Yilu Liu 2.7828 Energy
Chien-fei Chen 2.7586 Energy
Uday Vaidya 2.7351 Materials
Stephen Paddison 2.7340 Chemical Physics
Daniel Costinett 2.7196 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Christopher Cherry 2.7174 Logistics & Transportation
Lynne Parker 2.6977 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Anming Hu 2.6923 General Physics
Brett Compton 2.6398 Materials
Katharine Page 2.6233 Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
Jian Liu 2.6145 Networking & Telecommunications
Chad Duty 2.6039 Materials
David Greene 2.6035 Energy
Kevin Tomsovic 2.6004 Energy
Jayne Wu 2.5851 Analytical Chemistry
Kurt Sickafus* 2.5842 Applied Physics
Feng Zhang 2.5606 Energy
Kai Sun 2.5529 Energy
Nicholas Brown 2.5486 Energy
Prashant Singh 2.5236 Mechanical Engineering & Transports
Hua Bai 2.5183 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
James Plank 2.5022 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Weidong Li 2.4944 Materials
Phillip Myer 2.4786 Dairy & Animal Science
Khalid Hattar 2.4777 Materials
Benjamin Blalock 2.4352 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Aly Fathy 2.4269 Networking & Telecommunications
Hahn Choo 2.4217 Materials
Ruixing Zhang 2.3829 Applied Physics
Garrett Rose 2.3827 Computer Hardware & Architecture
Paul Palies 2.3650 Aerospace & Aeronautics
Mohamed Mahfouz 2.3075 Networking & Telecommunications
George Bosilca 2.2809 Distributed Computing
John Schmisseur 2.2749 Aerospace & Aeronautics
Lawrence Townsend* 2.2701 Aerospace & Aeronautics
He Yin 2.2184 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Wei Qiu 2.1820 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Piotr Luszczek 2.1492 Distributed Computing

*Emeritus or no longer with UT

Career Impact

TCE faculty recognized as top scientists for career-long impact in order of individual ranking included:

Person Score Field (As listed by Stanford)
William Weber 4.3512 Applied Physics
Steven Zinkle 4.3084 Energy
Takeshi Egami 4.2475 Applied Physics
Arthur Ragauskas 4.2181 Biotechnology
T. G. Nieh* 4.1601 Materials
Bimal Bose 4.1530 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Jack Dongarra 4.1242 Distributed Computing
Peter Liaw* 4.0863 Materials
Sergei Kalinin 4.0734 Applied Physics
Rigoberto Advincula 3.9675 Polymers
Suresh Babu 3.9661 Materials
Zhanhu Guo 3.9636 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Matthew Mench 3.8871 Energy
Fei Wang 3.8808 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Lynne Parker 3.8776 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Fangxing Li 3.8110 Energy
Stephen Paddison 3.8075 Chemical Physics
Audris Mockus 3.8050 Software Engineering
Tony Schmitz 3.7458 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Brian D. Wirth 3.7319 Energy
Yanwen Zhang 3.7052 Applied Physics
Terry Hazen 3.7045 Microbiology
Charles Melcher 3.6858 Nuclear & Particle Physics
James Plank 3.6604 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Leon Tolbert 3.6583 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Jack Parker 3.6134 Environmental Engineering
David Mandrus 3.5922 Applied Physics
Easo George 3.5882 Materials
Thomas Zawodzinski 3.5850 Energy
Asad Khattak 3.5599 Logistics & Transportation
Kurt Sickafus* 3.5570 Applied Physics
Yanfei Gao 3.5441 Materials
Kevin L. Tomsovic 3.5295 Energy
Philip Rack 3.4464 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
David Greene 3.3952 Energy
Bamin Khomami 3.3824 Polymers
Uday Vaidya 3.3736 Materials
Himanshu Thapliyal 3.3381 Computer Hardware & Architecture
Frank Löffler 3.3325 Microbiology
Lawrence Townsend 3.3107 Aerospace & Aeronautics
Jayne Wu 3.2658 Analytical Chemistry
John Landes* 3.2629 Mechanical Engineering & Transports
Michael Berry 3.2454 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Hairong Qi 3.2437 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Brian Edwards 3.2310 Polymers
Kenneth Kihm 3.2259 Mechanical Engineering & Transports
Yilu Liu 3.2233 Energy
Bin Hu 3.2203 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Gary Flandro* 3.2098 Aerospace & Aeronautics
Christian Parigger* 3.1805 Optics
Caleb Rucker 3.1538 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Michael Danquah 3.1469 Biotechnology
Daniel Costinett 3.1297 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Aly Fathy 3.1297 Networking & Telecommunications
Mohamed Mahfouz 3.1069 Networking & Telecommunications
Ma Langston 3.1046 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Jindong Tan 3.0977 Industrial Engineering & Automation
Garrett Rose 3.0932 Computer Hardware & Architecture
Dayakar Penumadu 3.0766 Materials
Cong Trinh 3.0724 Biotechnology
Eric Lass 3.0703 Materials
Michael Vose 3.0632 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Carl Lundin* 3.0613 Materials
Mongi Abidi 3.0215 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Kai Sun 2.9837 Energy
Benjamin Blalock 2.9807 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Yves Robert* 2.9389 Distributed Computing
Hua Kevin Bai 2.8821 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
James Hung 2.7377 Electrical & Electronic Engineering

*Emeritus or no longer with UT


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