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Reeves Leaving Office of Engineering Professional Practice; Shortt Named Interim Director

Todd Reeves
Todd Reeves

Tickle College of Engineering (TCE) Office of Engineering Professional Practice Director Todd Reeves has announced that he is leaving that role to join the UT Institute for Public Service as a Business Development Manager for the UT Center for Industrial Services (CIS), effective Sept. 30.

“Todd and I started at UT around the same time, and it has been a pleasure working with him and his office,” said Dean Matthew Mench, the Wayne T. Davis Dean’s Chair of the college. “Through the years, they have provided opportunities for thousands of students to grow professionally. We are grateful for his years of service to our students and the TCE and wish him the best in his new role.”

Reeves came to UT in January of 2010, overseeing the office that helps pair students within the college with educationally relevant, paid internship and co-op opportunities, giving them experience to go along with their coursework.

While he is happy to take on his new endeavor, Reeves is proud of what his office has accomplished over the last 12-plus years.

“I’ve had the privilege to have worked with a talented team over the course of my time here,” Reeves said. “Together, we’ve had some amazing successes growing our events, connecting students and employers, and building relationships that will allow the office to continue to excel.”

In his new role, the eight regional UT CIS solutions consultants will report to Reeves, who. In turn, will report to UT CIS Director Dwaine Raper.

Tonya Shortt will serve as interim director for the Office of Engineering Professional Practice while the college conducts a search for the next director.

Founded in 1926, the program is one of the oldest in the United States. Through it, the office maintains relationships with more than 1000 businesses and interactions with more than 1,600 students each year, helping them achieve more than 700 annual placements with participating companies.

It hosts an annual “welcome back to campus” event each fall where students can get information from various sponsors, but its two biggest, most visible events are the Engineering Expos that it hosts in the fall and spring semesters.

Each Expo is a two-day event, where students spend the first day visiting booths from organizations, companies, and institutions that match with their major and interests. The second day is interview day, where students and sponsors with mutual interest hold short interview sessions to further explore whether they are a good match.

The co-op and intern experience is considered a key part of the engineering educational experience. Students earn an average of $3,200 per month during their work, which usually occurs on a rotation from school to work semesters with their host company, although some take their experiences during the summer.