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E-Bike Sitting in City Center

Cherry’s Article on E-Bike Incentives in The Conversation Featured in National Publication

Christopher Cherry.

Christopher Cherry, professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, recently co-authored an article in The Conversation about how the health, equity, and environmental benefits of e-bike incentives can outweigh the costs of the programs.

Research conducted by Cherry as well as John MacArthur from Portland State University and Luke Jones from Valdosta State University looks at the effectiveness of different e-bike purchase incentives and the investment required to drive e-bike purchases. The study found that it would take about $4,000 in incentives to spur the purchase of an additional e-bike, whereas it currently takes $30,000 in incentives to induce an electric car purchase.

Another dramatic difference for e-bike incentives is that they not only work as a tool to reduce greenhouse emissions, they also work to fundamentally change travel patterns. These changes can make travel much easier in most North American Cities providing greater access to job, shopping, health care, or other important services.

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