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Dongarra Named a Foreign Fellow of the Royal Society

UT Distinguished Professor Jack Dongarra has been named a Foreign Fellow of the Royal Society, joining previously inducted icons of science such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. “This honor is both humbling because of others who have been so recognized and gratifying for the acknowledgement of the research and work […]

UT Expert Co-Authors Study on Oil Spill Clean Up Safety

“One of the biggest concerns in cleanup efforts is the effect the spill has on people’s health and livelihood,” Hazen said. “It’s not just that oil itself is harmful and potentially even flammable, but you have to be careful what kind of chemicals you expose crews to while trying to clean or contain the oil.”

Engineering Vols Get Professional at Spring Banquet

“Our spring banquet provides an opportunity to recognize students that have chosen to add experience to their education,” said program director Todd Reeves. “We are grateful to Mike Stone for providing the resources for the Stone Leadership program which also provides for the funding of this event.”

Engineering Vols Compute the Switchgrass Harvest

“Harvesting switchgrass was definitely a different experience from what I normally do,” said Valerie Garcia-Negrón. “It made me realize how exciting and important it is to be in the field doing hands-on activities. Working with switchgrass helped our group obtain a holistic view of the project’s processing phases: harvesting plants, extracting lignin, converting lignin into carbon products, and modeling the carbon samples at the atomic- and meso-scales.”

Accolades: Engineers dig ORE, Thompson presents, Ahmadi publishes, Thakur competes

For women in higher education, talking about career advancement and ambitions can be taboo. This session offered a safe forum for women attendees to discuss aspirations, skill sets and experiences, and how these things fit within (or outside of) their respective organizations.

Janis Terpenny Named Dean of UT’s Tickle College of Engineering

“Dr. Terpenny’s expertise in engineering design and smart manufacturing will be invaluable to the college and the university as we continue to emerge as a leader in the fields of advanced materials and high-performance computing,” said Provost David Manderscheid. “With her track record as an academic leader who can foster collaboration, advance research, and build on the college’s already excellent reputation, I am certain that Dr. Terpenny will be a great asset to the university.”