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2019 Staff Award Winners

Staff Recognition Awards

The college is proud to offer eight awards annually, including a group award, to recognize the many different talents, qualities, and attributes that our staff bring to the college.

Winners receive a cash award, a letter of congratulations from the dean with copies sent to the Office of Human Resources Management and the applicable department/unit head, and a plaque to be presented at the college’s annual Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet.

Recognizes the outstanding all-around achievement of one staff member. The award is intended to recognize a staff member who demonstrates exceptional service to the college and/or community at large (e.g. voluntary participation in community groups, boards, or charitable organizations). This individual goes above and beyond in their work to help others and does so with a high degree of excellence, professionalism, and integrity; thus, contributing significantly to improving the overall environment and experience of the college.

Recognizes a staff member who excels at supervising their staff, department, and/or center. This person should motivate and/or encourage their staff to grow personally and/or professionally. Individuals nominated for this award must currently supervise staff, which may include undergraduate students, graduate students, part-time employees, and/or full-time employees.

Recognizes an outstanding co-worker. Recognition from peers is highly valued. This award acknowledges a co-worker or teammate who has gone the extra mile in helping the team on a project, is always looking to make sure the team has everything they need, or has performed a special act of kindness or service that has had a positive impact on the team/department.

Recognizes an individual who inspires others. They influence without authority, often putting the interests of others ahead of their own, and serve as “a champion for staff.” Criteria includes an individual who leads changes or improvements for the benefit of their peers, inspires and motivates others to take advantage of opportunities that enhance their professional or personal lives, and empowers others to achieve results in support of goals and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, which contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of productivity.

Recognizes a staff member who has contributed at least 10 years of service to the college. This staff member, regardless of position or title, has demonstrated exceptional leadership and exemplary service to engineering students, staff, and/or the community.

Recognizes an individual within the college who has demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion in consideration of affordability, ability, identity, and access. The Commitment to Inclusive Community Award recipient demonstrates an exceptional understanding of diversity and inclusiveness beyond the call of duty. An exemplary candidate may possess the following qualities:

  • Enhances inclusion through positive communication between persons of different backgrounds,
  • Develops innovative methods for increasing and valuing diversity,
  • Demonstrates outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination, and/or
  • Organizes and/or facilitates events promoting diversity, respect, and inclusiveness.

Recognizes a staff member who, regardless of position or title, exceeds the responsibilities of their position in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to departmental success and ambition to progress in their current role. This person would possess or have the demonstrated potential to possess the following characteristics:

  • Understanding of how to motivate oneself and inspire others,
  • Ability to influence and persuade people at all levels,
  • Ability to drive sustainable change,
  • Ability to coach and provide feedback to others in a strategic and productive manner, and possess
  • An understanding of how to leverage relationships and use networks to achieve results.

Recognizes a group or staff within an office, cross-functional group of staff, or committee of staff members who have worked together in an exceptional manner to perform an assigned task. There is no minimum required length of employment for the group members. As a result of working as a team, the department, office, work-unit, college, or university should have benefited in one or more of the following ways:

  • Specific, identifiable improved efficiencies,
  • Cost savings,
  • Cross-training resulting in expanding job responsibilities and improving service,
  • Innovative ideas or suggestions to improve methods,
  • Completion of special projects,
  • Functioning in unique (sometimes adverse) circumstances, and/or
  • Improved coordination and cooperation among the department.

The cash prize for the Circle of Excellence Award will be split between team members.

Eligibility and Nomination Criteria

Anyone in any engineering department/unit may nominate any eligible staff member for an award. Download the 2024 TCE Faculty and Staff Awards Submission Guidelines (pdf).


All Staff Awards

  • Regular employees holding a position in a TCE department or unit with at least one year of continuous service within the college (hired no later than January 1, 2023). One exception is the group award, of which there is no minimum required length of employment. Must be a full-time, part-time, exempt, or non-exempt staff employee.
  • Instructors, student workers, term employees, and winners of individual staff awards from the previous three years are ineligible. However, winners of the group award are still eligible.
  • Any person in a position of influence over the awards process eliminates said person from eligibility to receive an award. This includes, but is not limited to, current award committee members.

Nomination/Evaluation Criteria

All Staff Awards

  • Nominations for each award should include specific examples detailing how the nominee(s) meet the criteria and qualifications. Decisions are based on the written information provided.
    • In an effort to simplify the process, additional supporting documentation such as resumes or letters of recommendation are NOT required. Simply fill out the form and tell us why your nominee is deserving of the award!
  • The Staff Awards and Recognition Committee is appointed by the dean and will make final determinations. The committee consists of TCE staff serving on the Staff Advisory Council. One non-voting administrator (associate dean, assistant dean, director, HR manager, etc.) may be called upon to make final decisions. Those members on the committee are ineligible to receive a staff award while serving. Review the awards selection rubric.

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