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Study Abroad Student Trip Report: Mackenzie Moser

Large building with a field of wildflowers in front of it.
Large building with a grassy area.

Participating in the Honors in Cambridge study abroad program is one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. As a biomedical engineering student, my schedule is quite packed and there isn’t much time for activities outside of what has already been laid out for me. When I heard about this opportunity, I knew I had to take it. Reflecting on the trip is difficult for me because there is not enough room to go through every single day and every single activity I did. 

The classes I took and the relationships that were forged with this trip are some that I will hold close to my heart for a long while. I never would have met half of the people on the trip if I hadn’t gone. Because the trip is open to all honor students, there were a variety of majors. This also spurred  some great and lengthy discussions, not only in class, but also on our own time. There were a lot of perspectives over topics we discussed in class which is due to the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences. 

Inside of a religious building.
Exterior of a large building.

I loved the two classes: history of the English people and history of the English language. I am typically not a person who would willingly take history classes, however being able to take these classes in a historic city has a completely different feel. Learning about a topic and then traveling to where that event occurred was phenomenal. I feel much better educated on the topics of Anne Boleyn, Thomas A’ Becket, Linear B, the Battle of Hastings, and many other points in history that I had the fortune of seeing from the perspective of the original people.