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Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Engineers Day Competitions

Competitions for Engineers Day 2019 include six competitions hosted by organizations from the college. This year’s competitions included the Balsa Wood Bridge Competition, the Egg Drop Competition, the Rocky Top Stand Competition, the Penny Boat Challenge, Quiz Bowl, and the Radiation Shielding Competition. View a full list of rules and regulations for the competitions.

Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Hosted by: American Society of Civil Engineers

Schools design and build miniature balsa wood bridges, bring them to Engineers Day, and are tested by ASCE Student Members for structural efficiency.

2019 Results

School Score Finish
Lenoir City High School 1193.89 1st
Hampton High School 1174.26 2nd
Happy Valley High School 1038.21 3rd

View the full list of results.

Egg Drop Competition

Hosted by: Materials Research Society

The Egg Drop Competition has quickly become one of the most popular events at Engineers Day. Sponsored by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Materials Advantage student chapter, this competition encourages students to design a device that will protect a “free range” grade A egg from breaking when dropped with the focus being on the materials used to protect the egg.

2019 Results

High School Team Number Finish (Score)
Hampton High School Team Number 11 1st (31.075)
Hampton High School Team Number 109 2nd (33.011)
Hampton High School Team Number 20 3rd (35.376)

View the full list of results. 

Rocky Top Stand Competition

Hosted by: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The objective is for students to design a structure out of a foam board. The structure needs to be at least 6 inches off the ground and it has to be big enough for them to stand on it with both feet. .

2019 Results

Team Finish (Score)
Southwind High School 1st (460)
L&N STEM Academy 2nd (370)
Dillon State 3rd (250)

View the full list of results.

Penny Boat Challenge

Hosted by: Engineering Mentor Program

Students constructed a boat out of tin foil to hold pennies. Points will be given for both the ability of the boat to float, but also for the number of pennies held.

2019 Results

Participants High School Finish (Pennies)
Ben Barnard, Joseph Taylor, Jonah Williams, Connor VanRijn Gibbs High School 1st (504)
Kuilon Reynolds; Nichole Hollenbeck, Blake Garrett, Bryce McCracken Roane County High School 2nd (315)
Sam Pike, T’imra Hearns, Hendrick Cuestas Central High School (Memphis) 3rd (304)

Quiz Bowl

Hosted by: Tau Beta Pi

The Quiz Bowl gives visiting students a chance to show how much they know about science and math topics by working in teams of four to complete a thirty-minute written examination consisting of sixty to seventy multiple choice questions. The eight teams with the best scores advance to the semifinal round, and the contest concludes with the four top teams going head-to-head for the coveted Quiz Bowl Championship.

2019 Results

School Finish
Farragut High School 1st
Hardin Valley Academy 2nd

View the full list of results.

Radiation Shielding Competition

Hosted by: American Nuclear Society

Students must make a shield no larger than the dimensions stated and no bigger than 15 grams that will be the best at shielding gamma rays. We will use a Cobalt-60 source and an NaI detector to determine the count rate from various distances from the shield.

2019 Results

School Final Score Finish
Hardin Valley Academy – Shield #7 9468 1st
Rhea County High School – Shield #19 10,242 2nd
Rhea County High School – Shield #21 14,467 3rd
Rhea County High School – Shield #20 14,768 4th
Volunteer High School – Shield #2 35,567 5th

Exhibit Award Winners

Class I Exhibits

  • First Place: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE)
  • Second Place: Student Space Technology Association
  • Third Place (tie): VEXU Competitive Robotics
    Third Place (tie): Maker’s Club

Class II Exhibits

  • First Place: EcoCAR
  • Second Place: IISE/WISE
  • Third Place: National Society of Black Engineers

Class III Exhibits

  • First Place: Innovation and Collaboration Studio
  • Second Place: Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Third Place: TCE Ambassadors

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