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Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Engineers Day Competitions

Competitions for Engineers Day 2020 include seven competitions hosted by organizations from around the college. This year’s competitions include the Nuclear Word Vacuum Competition, the Quiz Bowl, the Radiation Shielding Competition, the Rocky Top Stand, the Rube Goldberg Machine Competition, The Marshmallow Challenge, and the Virtual Bridge Design Competition. View a full list of rules and regulations for the competitions.

The Marshmallow Challenge

Hosted by: Society of Women Engineers

The Marshmallow challenge has become a popular exercise in which small groups are asked to build the “tallest free-standing structure” out of the materials listed. You’ll have twenty minutes to complete this task including assembling the large marshmallow on top. It’s a fun and interactive exercise that allows teams to experience simple lessons in collaboration, innovation, design, and creativity.

2020 Results

School Team Score (Finish)
Hardin Valley Academy Hardin Valley Team 1 781 (1st)
Career Magnet Academy T5 744.5 (2nd)
Career Magnet Academy Mochi 697.25 (3rd)
Oak Ridge High School Walker Rice 647.5 (4th)
Germantown High School Germantown Red Devils Place 647 (5th)
Hardin Valley Academy Hardin Valley Team 2 593 (6th)
Oak Ridge High School Nicholas Zoinierczuk 547.2 (7th)
Southwind High School Team Savannah 535.83 (8th)
Lincoln County High School Spaghetti Nerds Place 517.88 (9th)
Austin East High Austin-East High Roborunners Team 1 490 (10th)
Career Magnet Academy Carolyn & Jared 471 (11th)
Southwind High School Team Yacely 409.33 (12th)
Ooltewah High School Marshmallow Mommas 384 (13th)
Austin East High Austin-East High Roborunners Team 2 274 (14th)
Cannon County High School Cannon Lions 3 257 (15th)
Cannon County High School Cannon Lions 2 247 (16th)
Walker Valley High School Walker Valley SWE-Next Club 63 (17th)
Austin East High Austin-East High Roborunners Team 3 48.5 (18th)
Cannon County High School Cannon Lions 5 42 (19th)
Cannon County High School Cannon Lions 1 39 (20th)
Cannon County High School Cannon Lions 4 30 (21st)

Nuclear Word Vacuum Competition

Hosted by: Institute of Nuclear Materials Management

Teams of eight will compete to name the most nuclear based words while not using banned words to describe them. The team with the most points at the end of their 45 minute session is the winner.

Quiz Bowl

Hosted by: Tau Beta Pi

The Quiz Bowl gives visiting students a chance to show how much they know about science and math topics by working in teams of four to complete a thirty-minute written examination consisting of sixty to seventy multiple choice questions. The eight teams with the best scores advance to the semifinal round, and the contest concludes with the four top teams going head-to-head for the coveted Quiz Bowl Championship.

2020 Results

Team Finish
Hardin Valley Academy STEM 1 1st
Lenoir City High School 2nd
Wildcat Quiz Masters 3rd
Germantown High School Team A 4th
Breaking Rads 5th
L&N STEM Academy 6th
ACCTC Navigators 7th
Sevier County 8th
Limit Breakers 9th
Limit Breakers 10th
Limit Breakers 11th
Hardin Valley Academy STEM 2 12th
Germantown High School Team B 13th
Team 19 14th
Team 18 15th

Radiation Shielding Competition

Hosted by: American Nuclear Society

Students must make a shield no larger than the dimensions stated and no bigger than 15 grams that will be the best at shielding gamma rays. They will be mailed in to the college to be tested using a Cobalt-60 source and an NaI detector to determine the count rate from various distances from the shield.

2020 Results

Participants Finish
Ronald Gates, Braylen Thornhill, and DJ Wood 1st
Kyndall Collins and Oliver Pattilo 2nd
Gavin Gooeckner and Jared Wood 3rd

Rocky Top Stand Competition

Hosted by: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The objective is for students to design a structure out of a foam board. The structure needs to be at least 6 inches off the ground and it has to be big enough for them to stand on it with both feet.

Rube Goldberg Machine Competition

Hosted by: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Your task for this Rube Goldberg machine competition is to create the most elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that can pour a glass of water and take a video of it working.

2020 Results

Individual Students

Student Finish
Caitlin Pendley 1st
James Rogers 2nd
Alex Shanafield 3rd
Amelie Nagle Honorable Mention


School Finish
Carter High School 1st
Farragut High School 2nd
Anderson County Career and Technical Center 3rd

Virtual Bridge Design Competition

Hosted by: American Society of Civil Engineers

Schools will design bridges using Bridge Designer and will be tested to see which bridge can stand up to specified loading conditions.

2020 Results

Student School Finish
Tommy Slatton Lenoir City High School 1st
Zephirin Schmidt Oak Ridge High School 2nd
Jonie Lopez and Brayden Pass Lenoir City High School 3rd
Adam Blanchard Oak Ridge High School 4th
Alexander Yonkers Lincoln County High School 5th
Ivan Keller Walker Valley High School 6th
Sophia Paris and Ivan Usynin Hardin Valley Academy 7th
Gustavo Solis Contreras Lincoln County High School 8th
Andrew Lee Oak Ridge High School 9th
Timothy James 10th
Parker Merrit Gibbs High School 11th
Rose Farahi Oak Ridge High School 12th

Exhibit Award Winners

Class I Exhibits

  • First Place: “EECS Art Exhibit” by Systers: Women in EECS @ UTK
  • Second Place: “Where Medical Devices are Used and Why” by Engineers in Medicine
  • Third Place: “Newton’s Laws of Motion” by National Society of Black Engineers

Class II Exhibits

  • First Place (tie): “Introduction to Composites Manufacturing and Destructive Testing” by Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
  • First Place (tie): “Egg Drop Demonstration” by Materials Research Society
  • Second Place: “How you can take your education and help those who need it most!” by Engineers Without Borders
  • Third Place: “The Other Side of Nuclear Engineering” by INMM with HIPS/WISE

Class III Exhibits

  • First Place: “Wind Tunnel and Aerodynamics” by NASA ULI
  • Second Place: “MABEline Synthetic Cadaver” by Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Third Place: “Research at ORNL’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility” by MABE Faculty

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