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Diplomas and Confirmed Degrees

The UT Registrar’s Office will be mailing all diplomas once all degrees have been confirmed.

It is very important that an accurate address is provided for mailing the diploma. For this purpose, students should update their address at

Information on Diplomas

Your name and the degree awarded to you are included on the diploma. In addition, if you are an undergraduate and you graduate with honors, then that honors designation is included on your diploma.

View more information about Honors for Graduating Students.

Ordering Additional Diplomas

The university is authorized to withhold your diploma order for any financial fees owed to any department of the university.

An original of your diploma may be ordered at a charge of $25. To order an additional diploma, complete the Duplicate Diploma Order Form. The form is an interactive PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader to download and complete it. (You can get Adobe Reader for free at You can complete the form online, print it, and mail it to the address on the form.


Graduates can have their diplomas mounted or frames by the VolShop.