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TCE Advisors in the Engineering Courtyard.

Engineering Advising Office

The Engineering Advising Office provides excellent academic program planning services to undergraduate students in the college following the University Volunteer Experience Advising model. If you have questions or concerns, contact the advising center directly at

Academic Advising: The Volunteer Experience

Academic Advising: The Volunteer Experience consists of four major components: Self Exploration, Career Exploration, Experience Learning and Academic Planning. Central to the model is the design of a common experience for all students. The common experience is achieved by assigning all students a professional academic advisor for their entire UT career and engaging students early in exploring majors and careers and with their chosen discipline.

The college provides engagement in the discipline utilizing faculty in the role of mentors, who help guide students in research, scholarship, and/or internship opportunities.

Advising the Volunteer Experience: UT Academic Plan: Experience Learning, Career Exploration, Self-Exploration.

Advisor Schedules

Advisors are working a hybrid schedule with on-campus and virtual appointment availability. Please refer to this chart for your advisor’s schedule and contact your advisor with any questions.

Advisor On Campus Virtual
Kate Burford
160 Zeanah Engineering Complex
M, T, Th W, F
Kerri Cline
436 Dougherty Engineering Building
M, W, F T, Th
JeNai Davis
323 John Tickle Engineering Building
M, T, W Th, F
Rachel Duncan
525F John Tickle Engineering Building
M, T, W Th, F
Roger Gray
316A Dougherty Engineering Building
M, T, W Th, F
Jennifer Hartwig
316A Dougherty Engineering Building
W, Th, F M, T
Holley Linkous
160 Zeanah Engineering Complex
M, W, Th T, F
Amanda Lovelace
240 Zeanah Engineering Complex
W, Th, F M, T
Joanna Rathbone
401 Min Kao Engineering Building
M, T, Th W, F
Mike Taylor
401 Min Kao Engineering Building
T, W, F M, Th
Jake Working
401 Ferris Hall
M, W, F T, Th
Sonja Burk
108 Biosystems Engineering & Soil Sciences Building

Purpose of Academic Advising

Faculty, administrators, and professional staff on this campus consider advising both a responsibility and an opportunity for enriching and enhancing each student’s pattern of learning and personal development. Central to the mission of academic advising at the university is teaching students to understand the purpose of the curriculum and fostering their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning. Through individual, collaborative relationships with academic advisors, students are best able to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career plans.

Student and Advisor Responsibilities

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