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2014 Summer Study Abroad Student Fellowships

Winners of the Alcoa and URS – College of Engineering Study Abroad Fellowships have been announced for Summer 2014!

The college is very pleased to be able to respond to the increased demand for College of Engineering faculty-led study abroad programs with increased fellowship support this year.

The winners are:

Laurel Christian, Thuy Trieu, Will Hoskins, and Kelly Nicholas will be part of the group traveling to Innsbruck, Austria, with Dr. Glenn Tootle to study Water Resources and Climate in the European Alps.

Eric Welch, Kaitlyn Darby, and Whitney Smith, will be a part of a group traveling to Prague, Czech Republic, with Dr. Eric Lukosi and Dr. Ondrej Chvala for a Nuclear Research Reactor Laboratory with visits to nearby nuclear facilities.

Mitchell Sexton and Haley Whitaker will be traveling to Munich, Germany as part of the new-for-2014 UT Engineering In Germany program. Dr. Klaus Blache will teach “Global Perspectives on Lean, Reliability, and Maintainability.”

Gabriel Hanas, Katherine Stamper, Will Fredebeil, Kristen Miranda, and Caleb Williamson will be part of a group traveling to London, England for Engineering In London. Students will be taking two of three course offerings in Thermodynamics, Circuits and Devices, and Development of Computation.

UT faculty members for the classes are Dr. Roger Parsons and Dr. Mike Berry.

On non-UT programs, Jessica Boles, Electrical Engineering, will be studying Spanish language and culture in Alicante, Spain, and Zoe Johnson, Chemical Engineering, will be taking general studies at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

All will be participating in the Outreach blog, so fellow students can share their experiences.