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2011 Tickle College of Engineering EUReCA Award Winners Announced

In this year’s university undergraduate research competition, 13 excellent engineering projects represented the TCE. Five Tickle College of Engineering undergraduate research projects were singled out as award winners this year. They are:

2011 EUReCA WinnerBlue Crab Nursery for Stock Enhancement, James Bevington, Joseph Freeman, Benjamin Hoptroff, Clayton Parsons, Biosystems, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Paul Ayers




Mary Elizabeth Parker, EUReca WinnerSingle Crystal Growth, Crystallography and Magnetic Properties of Maus’ Salt, Mary Elizabeth Parker, Materials Science, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Claudia Rawn



Mark Moore, 2011 EUReCA WinnerA Step by Step Design Methodology for Designing a Base Case Vanadium Redox Battery, Mark Moore, Chemical Engineering, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Pete Counce




William Henson, 2011 EUReCA WinnerStudy of the Movement of Giardia lanblia for Microrobot Applications, William Ray Henson, MABE, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Mingjun Zhang




These awards come with a cash prize of $400, given by the Office of Research and the College of Engineering. Special thanks to the faculty members who assisted Dr. Parsons with the judging:

Dr. Ye and Dr. PaddisonDr. X. Philip Ye, Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Stephen Paddison, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering




In addition, the project, “H2 V. BE”: An Analysis of Environmental, Economic, Social Sustainability of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrids v. Battery Electrics for Near Urban Personal Transportation, Virginia Browning, Justin Ridenour, Daniel Teeters, Interdisciplinary, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Paul Frymier won the first annual university award for student project that best represented the concept of of Sustainability in all its aspects.

Congratulations to all the participants!