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Tennessee Engineering Network Program

Tennessee Engineering Network Program

The Tennessee Engineering Network (TEN) is a membership program that provides superior recruiting and campus access to the college’s student and faculty talent pipeline. It is designed to support your recruiting needs and enhance your brand across the university and consumer landscape.

Expand Your Recruiting Efforts Throughout the Year

Concerned you may not make your targets for a successful recruiting season or meet special project staffing goals? Engage with TCE’s outstanding engineering students throughout the year in your own customized plan through:

  • Engineering Expo attendance and sponsorship
  • Individual tabling events and activity sponsorships
  • Job postings (on-campus and virtual)
  • Specialized student and faculty engagement events

Our highly experienced TEN program staff will connect you with the talent you need to grow your business lines, meet current engineering demands, or backfill your transitioning workforce.

Develop a Customized Strategic Plan

You need more than a once-a-year engagement with students to move the needle. The TEN program team will help you customize your own strategic campus plan and connect you with our extensive network of talent. Engagement success is just a customized plan away!

Connect with our Talent

The engineering world is rapidly changing. We know campus interactions are often mutually beneficial to ensuring today’s developing talent addresses tomorrow’s need. The TEN program increases your presence among our Tickle Engineering talent. Program members gain access to the right connections within the college through special events, design project support, research projects, shared meals, and other select occasions.

Meet Stellar Faculty

We know connecting with a faculty member or department about a specific project or topic can be challenging.

Graduating ambassadors with Suzanne

Membership Levels

Check out the different membership levels and benefits available to our partners below:

The Checkerboard

Everything in the Summit Blue plus:

  • Private student networking followed by a day of interviews on campus
  • Membership banner placement in TCE
  • TCE lunch/dinner with the Dean
  • Personalized recruiting strategy session with resume e-books
  • Speaking opportunities at alumni panels and EPP student training events
  • Free Expo banner ads in the Career Fair Plus App
  • Premier sponsorship of Expos and annual Cookout with prominent company recognition (up to two spaces)
  • Two seats at the annual J. Michael Stone Leadership Spring Banquet
  • Interview and featured article in TCE newsletter
  • Pre-Expo luncheon with student orgs (fall)
  • Quarterly messaging in TCE newsletter

Summit Blue

Everything in All Vol plus:

  • Membership pennant placement in TCE
  • Early access and registration for Expos and special events (one space)
  • Promotion of Expos and annual Cookout with company recognition
  • Personalized recruiting strategy session
  • Special promotion of employment opportunities in Handshake
  • Discounted banner ads in Career Fair Plus App
  • Early access to Expos and Cookout (one space)
  • Pre-Expo luncheon with student orgs (spring)

All Vol

  • Job posting in Handshake
  • TCE newsletter access
  • Career Fair Plus App access
  • Fee-based Expo and activity participation*

*All sponsorship levels are customizable to meet your needs. Contact the Office of Engineering Professional Practice to schedule a meeting to discuss a sponsorship plan that works best for you and sponsorship pricing. All benefits and services that are not used within the year the sponsorship was obtained are non-transferable to a consecutive year.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Select a membership level that best meets your needs. Can’t decide on the level?
    Contact us, and we’ll help you navigate the possibilities.
  2. Call us at 865-974-5323 to sign up!
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Contact Us

161 Zeanah Engineering Complex
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone: 865-974-5323