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Takeover the College’s Instagram

Engineering student organizations are invited to participate in takeovers of the college’s Instagram account to promote the group’s mission, events, conference attendance or other activities.

Contact Randall Brown in the TCE communications office to coordinate a social-media takeover, learn about guidelines for a successful takeover, and establish long-on information.

As a temporary administrator for this account, student users agree to abide by UT’s Student Code of Conduct and the social media guidelines below. Violations can result in consequences as laid out in the Hilltopics student handbook.

Instagram Takeover Guidelines

We have a few guidelines to help you be successful during your takeover, but the most important rule to remember is to have fun. We want our followers to get to know you and to see what your slice of life as an Engineering Vol is all about.

Some do’s and don’ts while Instagramming for TCE:


  • Start with a video introduction—Let everyone know who you are, where you’re from, what you’re studying, etc. Feel free to include any leadership or work-study positions you hold on campus.
  • Show off your day—We want to see what a day in the life of you really looks like. Classes, work, hobbies, intramurals, etc.
  • Be creative—Use filters, stickers, emojis, drawings, videos, and photos during your day.
  • Be yourself—How do you use your own Instagram? Speak how you speak and write how you write. Keeping in mind, of course, that you’re representing the Tickle College of Engineering. Use good judgment.
  • End your day with a farewell—wrap up your day with a final photo or video.


  • Share anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.
    • No drinking
    • No drugs
    • No hate speech or bullying (this includes putting down other individuals or institutions)
    • No foul language
    • No nudity or provocative posts
  • Don’t promote businesses or anything outside of the university (unless agreed upon ahead of time with the TCE social media team)
  • Share photos or videos of others without their knowledge (unless it’s of a group activity shot out in public).
  • Share photos or videos after your agreed-upon end time.
  • Follow any users on Instagram while you are logged on to the account

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