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The job outlook for engineers is bright! Engineers are currently in great demand around the world and career opportunities for graduating students are excellent. Salaries for entry-level positions are currently far above many other fields.

Academic ProgramEarly Career Pay*Mid-Career Pay*
Aerospace Engineering$77,660$93,408
Biomedical Engineering$66,674$81,157
Biosystems Engineering$51,000$72,323
Chemical Engineering$72,091$87,744
Civil Engineering$62,515$74,889
Computer Engineering$83,199$94,095
Computer Science$68,951$82,062
Electrical Engineering$71,616$84,394
Industrial Engineering$66,254$78,076
Materials Science & Engineering$72,588$85,595
Mechanical Engineering$68,476$79,792
Nuclear Engineering$74,670$95,652

*These figures come from, October 2020