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College Directory

The dean directs all administrative and academic activities for the college.

Address: 124 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2000

Person Title Phone Office
Janis Terpenny Dean 865-974-5321 124 Perkins
Carrie Zitzman Administrative Specialist III 865-974-7637 124 Perkins
Leah Buffington Special Programs Coordinator 865-974-7636 219A Perkins

Provides leadership and direction for the college’s students and their concerns, including information and guidance regarding the college’s undergraduate and graduate student degree programs and activities, international engineering education, and the MS-MBA program. The office also oversees outreach and international programs; academic faculty issues such as hiring, promotion, and tenure; and matters regarding diversity and benchmarking activities.

Address: 101 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2011

Person Title Phone Office
Ozlem Kilic Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 865-974-2454 101 Perkins
Karen Lowe Administrative Secretary 865-974-2454 101 Perkins
Judith Mallory International Coordinator 865-974-9234 59 Perkins
Angela McCarter Administrative Specialist 865-974-0533 101 Perkins

Responsible for strategy, research advancement, resource allocation, and the administration of issues related to funding for facilities, research grants, and technology for the college.

Address: 122 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2000

Person Title Phone Office
William M. Dunne Associate Dean for Research and Facilities 865-974-5321 121 Perkins
Ryan Blanchette Data Analyst 865-974-9539 219 Perkins
Ken Carter Research Coordinator 865-974-8593 112 Perkins
Jada R. Huskey Research Director 865-974-8360 220 Science & Engineering Research Facility
Missy McDonald Research Coordinator 865-974-9092 121 Perkins
Harry Richards Research and Proposal Development Coordinator 865-974-6312 525J Tickle Engineering Building

Provides leadership and direction for the college’s tenure and promotion processes, faculty hiring, faculty mentoring and retention, the faculty annual review process, and peer reviews of teaching. The office also assists with the college’s involvement in the selection and recruitment of Governor’s Chairs and the management of the faculty and staff awards processes for the college and campus.

Address: 119 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2000

Person Title Phone Office
Paul Frymier Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Engagement 865-974-5321 119 Perkins
Alex Brown Administrative Specialist III 865-974-3608 124 Perkins

Responsible for shaping the role of student design and innovation projects in the college, managing college resources and facilities for design projects, and serving as the outward-looking face of student design and project work for the college’s external partners.

Address: 201 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2020

Person Title Phone Office
Keith Stanfill Edwards Assistant Dean for Integrated Engineering Design 865-974-9810 201 Perkins
Thanh (Tommy) Duong Academic Support Specialist III 865-974-3852 S001 Perkins

Directs and coordinates all fiscal activities of the college and monitors and coordinates all human resources activities and certain facility improvements and capital equipment acquisition.

Address: 219 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2010

Person Title Phone Office
Ami McBride Director 865-974-7382 219 Perkins
Beth Thrasher HR Generalist 865-974-1827 219 Perkins
Linda Watson Accounting Coordinator I 865-974-0558 219 Perkins
Laura Yoder Assistant Budget Director 865-974-7382 219 Perkins

Responsible for all communication efforts regarding the college’s people, events, awards, milestones, research, academics, and the general progress of the college to internal and external audiences through media relations placement as well as print, digital, and social media platforms.

Address: 114 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2003

Person Title Phone Office
Christie Kennedy Director 865-974-0686 114 Perkins
Adria Amos Digital Media Specialist 865-974-8541 114 Perkins
Kevin Bogle Communications Specialist 865-974-9149 401J Min H. Kao Building
Randall Brown Writer and Photographer 865-974-0533 114 Perkins
Melissa Callahan Project Manager 865-974-9387 115 Perkins
Andy Gallaher Web Designer 865-974-8577 116 Perkins
David Goddard Media Relations Coordinator 865-974-0683 116 Perkins
Kathy Williams Communications Specialist 865-974-8615 206F Ferris Hall
Mitchell Williamson Graphic Designer 865-974-0568 115 Perkins
Elan Young Writer 865-974-8786
326 John D. Tickle Building
301 Nuclear Engineering Building

Initiates, coordinates, and implements fund-raising to support and enhance the initiatives of the college, including recruiting and retaining students, sustaining outstanding research, and continuing to improve the college’s technology and infrastructure.

Address: 118 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2012

Person Title Phone Office
Brian Shupe Executive Director 865-974-4848 118 Perkins
Natalia Hardin Director 865-974-2385 120 Perkins
Blake Hudson Senior Director 865-974-6277 118 Perkins
Adlai Hurt Director 865-974-5999 120 Perkins
Amy Johnston Director 865-974-0323 120 Perkins
Kathleen Kim-Baker Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations 865-974-2788 120 Perkins
Christina Parsons Development Assistant 865-974-2509 118 Perkins
Laura Tenpenny Development Assistant 865-974-2779 118 Perkins

Provides the administration and staff with desktop support for email, storage, printing, software, and remote desktop services.

Address: 426 Min H. Kao Building
Mail Stop: 2250

Person Title Phone Office
Justin Forbes IT Specialist II 865-974-9962 426 Min H. Kao Building
Joe Jones Senior IT Technologist I 865-974-5803 431 Min H. Kao Building

The Engineering Advising Office provides academic program planning services to undergraduate students in the Tickle College of Engineering.

Address: 316 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2031

Person Title Phone Office
Margaret Russell Director 865-974-4008 316A Perkins
Lisa Byrd Assistant Director 865-974-4008 316A Perkins
Devon Graham Administrative Specialist II 865-974-4008 316A Perkins

Helping UT engineering students add experience to their education since 1926, real-world challenges and opportunities are provided through both the cooperative education and the internship education programs. Both programs offer structured learning environments where students develop increasing responsibilities by holding full-time, paid positions in a professional setting related to their academic and career goals.

Address: 110 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2008

Person Title Phone Office
Todd Reeves Director 865-974-5323 110 Perkins
Tonya Shortt Assistant Director 865-974-5323 110 Perkins
Suzanne Sawicki Coordinator II 865-974-5323 110 Perkins
Wanda Turpin Administrative Specialist I 865-974-5323 110 Perkins

The TCE has numerous programs in place designed to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented students. These noteworthy initiatives have enabled the college to build and sustain a very successful and nationally prominent diversity engineering program.

Address: 301 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2030

Engineering Diversity Programs

Person Title Phone Office
Travis Griffin Director 865-974-1956 301 Perkins
John Hoffschneider Coordinator 865-974-1931 64B Perkins
Gabrielle Richards Administrative Specialist 865-974-0625 301 Perkins
Jalonda Thompson Assistant Director 865-974-9146 301 Perkins

The Jerry E. Stoneking engage™ Engineering Fundamentals Program is one of the nation’s most innovative approaches to first-year engineering education. In this success-oriented environment, students learn by interacting with others to create solutions to engineering problems.

Address: 207 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2020

Engineering Fundamentals Program

Person Title Phone Office
Richard Bennett Program Director 865-974-9810 207C Perkins
Michael Allen Academic Support Specialist III 865-974-9810 S007 Perkins
Meghan Copley Administrative Specialist 865-974-9810 207C Perkins

The purpose of the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program is to provide greater intellectual challenges and broader educational experiences for our undergraduate students. These opportunities will prepare our students to become highly competitive engineering graduates and be more successful in addressing the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Address: 322 Perkins Hall
Mail Stop: 2032

Person Title Phone Office
Kevin Kit Director 865-974-9874 322 Perkins
Courtney Faber Lecturer/Research Assistant Professor 865-974-9810 319A Perkins
Jessica Jeffers Honors Coordinator 865-974-8983 308 Perkins
Christopher Pionke Associate Professor 865-974-7679 321 Perkins

Use the following links to find faculty listings for our academic departments.

Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Address: 2506 E.J. Chapman Dr.
Mail Stop: 4531

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Address: 419 Dougherty Hall
Mail Stop: 2200

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Address: 325 Tickle Engineering Building
Mail Stop: 2313

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Address: 401 Min H. Kao Engineering Building
Mail Stop: 2250

Industrial & Systems Engineering
Address: 525 Tickle Engineering Building
Mail Stop: 2315

Materials Science & Engineering
Address: 414 Ferris Hall
Mail Stop: 2100

Mechanical, Aerospace, & Biomedical Engineering
Address: 405 Dougherty Engineering Building
Mail Stop: 2210

Nuclear Engineering
Address: 301 Nuclear Engineering Building
Mail Stop: 1410

Download a list of TCE departments, their addresses, and their mail stops.

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