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UT Alumni Association Awards

UT Alumni Association Awards

The UT Knoxville Alumni Board of Director’s Alumni Awards Program began in 2008. The program has expanded to include categories including Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna, Alumni Professional Achievement, Alumni Service, and Alumni Promise. Below are the Tickle College of Engineering alumni who have received this recognition. 

Learn more about the UTAA Alumni Awards.

Dedicated to the spirit of the Volunteer, the Distinguished Alumnus/a award is the single highest alumni award given and is reserved for alumni who have excelled at the national or international level.

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2021Leslie Freemon Benmark (BS IE ’67, MS IE ’70)

2021Wayne T. Davis (MS Environmental Engineering ’73, PhD CE ’75)

2019Scott Kelly (MS Aviation Systems ’96)

2018General J. Mike Holmes (BS EE ’81)

2017Michael C. Crabtree (BS EE ’73, MS EE ’75)

2014Terry Douglass (BS EE ’65, MS EE ’66, PhD EE ’68)
Kim Greene (BS ES ’88)

2012Mark Dean (BS EE ’79)
Ann (BS Elementary Education ’65) and John Tickle, Sr. (BS IE ’65)

2011Joseph C. Cook, Jr. (BS IE ’65)

2008Chad Holliday (BS IE ’70)

The Alumni Professional Achievement Award recognizes alumni with outstanding contributions to their profession.

You can read about the Alumni Professional Achievement award.

2021Jerry L. Johnson (BS ChE ’94)

2017Barbie S. Bigelow (MS CS ’85)

2016Mitch Patel (BS CE 1991, MS CE ’93)

2015Nathan Sam Dougherty, Jr. (BS ME ’62, MS AE ’70)
Jim Flood (BS CE ’80)
Dwight Hutchins (BS ChE ’86)

2014Harold Conner (BS ChE ’68, MS ChE ’78)

2013Kathy Caldwell (BS CE ’85)

2012Hashem Hashemian (MS NE ’77)

2011 – Ralph Heath (BS EE ’70, MBA ’75)

The Alumni Service Award recognizes exceptional service or leadership to the University of Tennessee.

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2021Bill Eversole (BS EE ’73)

2019Cavanaugh Mims (BS NE ’86)

2018Thomas Edwards (BS ME ’72)
Ralph Heath (BS EE ’70, MBA ’75)
Rick Kuhlman (BS IE ’73)

2016Edwin A. McDougle (BS CE ’69, MS CE ’75)

2015Howard E. Chambers (BS ME ’64)

2013W. Dwight Kessel (BS IE ’50)

2012Charles Wharton (BS IE ’65)

The Alumni Promise Award recognizes alumni no older than 40 who have demonstrated distinctive achievement in their career, civic involvement, or both.

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2019Syreeta Vaughn (MS Geology ’05, MS IE ’13)

2016Joel B. Seligstein (BS CompSci ’06)

2012 – Stefan Duma (BS ME ’95)
Kristin Qualls (BS CE ’03)

2011 – W. David Merryman (BS ES ’01, MS ES ’02)
Amy A. Millslagle (BS ChE ’00)

2009 – Stephen Kennedy (BS ChE ’97)

The Accomplished Alumni Award program is designed to honor UT alumni who have achieved great things in their profession, volunteer roles, or civic involvement.

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2020Jim Flood (BS CE ’80)

2020Oscar Lee Martin Jr. (MS ChE ’96)

2019Bob Luther (BS EE ’63)

2018Mary Lee (BS CompSci ’88)

2015Mitch Patel (BS CE ’91, MS CE ’93)
Barry Wilmore (MS Aviation Systems ’94)

2013Pete Hoffman (BS ME Tech ’82, MS ME ’84)
Ken Huntsman (MS CompSci ’77)

2012Jorge Sotolongo (BS IE ’88)

2011Stefan Duma (BS ME ’95)
Carol (MS Planning ’79) and Jim Tevepaugh (MS ME ’79)

2010Shirley Pih Broadbery (BS Acc ’79)

2009 – Alan Gottlieb (BS NE ’71)
Colonel Hank Hartsfield, Jr. (MS ES ’71)
Jerry Johnson (BS ChE ’94)
John Stevens, Jr. (BS ME ’86)