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College of Engineering Ambassadors

Find a Priority

The Tickle College of Engineering cannot make it without your support. Find a priority and support Big Orange.

A Journey of Excellence

Through the generosity of alumni, friends, and corporate partners like you, the Join the Journey Campaign helped transform the college and made a huge impact on the lives of engineers in the making. In the span of just 8 years, students now have access to better facilities, more scholarships, and greater opportunities to address the engineering problems of our community and the world.

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Faculty Support Challenge

Chancellor Donde Plowman has challenged the college’s alumni and friends to raise faculty support. New gifts and new five-year pledges beginning at $100,000 to establish endowments supporting faculty salaries will receive the immediate endowment income from the Office of the Chancellor before the endowment is fully funded. Create an immediate impact by choosing to support faculty.

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Student Support

Student support includes graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships.

New Engineering Building

The new Engineering Building will replace Estabrook and Pasqua with an updated facility to house the Department of Nuclear Engineering and the Engineering Fundamentals Division (engage™ and the honors program). This building will affect all engineering students, as all freshmen will use the facility during the Engineering Fundamentals portion of their first year at UT. Your gifts will support the creation of this innovation gateway for engineering education. Our goal is to have commitments by December 31, 2013, to meet the immediate increasing enrollment demands. The building is being designed to ignite and cultivate creative thought, hold classroom space dedicated to hands-on teaching, hold labs that encourage imagination, and experimentation and supply cutting edge technology to students that parallels industry expectations.


Endowments to enhance departments include opportunities for recognition by naming spaces in our engineering buildings. Especially the Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building, the John D. Tickle  Engineering Building, and the Dougherty Engineering Building.

Jerry E. Stoneking engage

Our signature program for freshmen engineers, engage™ is geared towards preparing students for their future engineering courses. A team of faculty and advisors teach courses that focus on discovery, innovation, excellence, and teamwork. Originated as a direct response to the demands of industry, engage™ is a successful program that has increased retention of engineering majors at UT since its implementation. This is teaching in a very personal way. Endowments support personnel resources because the program is very hands-on and intensive, offering small, interactive experiences. Your help grants future freshmen engineers the ability to receive an equally expansive and hands-on fundamentals experience.

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Diversity Challenge

The Office of Engineering Diversity Programs operates to enable the successful recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented (African American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Native, Pacific Islanders, and women) students in the college. Three distinct endowments have been created to support the program’s achievement of this mission. The Engineering Diversity Excellence Endowment strengthens all elements of the program. The Fred Brown Jr Minority Academic Endowment provides direct student support through scholarships. The James Pippin Pre-College Program Endowment prepares middle- and high-school students for admission through one-week on-campus engineering summer programs.

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Tom and Melanie Wood Scholarship Endowment

Tom Wood led an impressive career, following his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from UT, starting out at Shell Chemical Corporation. His example will continue to lead others in the establishment of the Tom & Melanie Wood Scholarship Endowment at the Tickle College of Engineering, where Tom once studied. Each recipient will be assigned a mentor from within the college who, in the spirit of Tom’s influence, will help ensure their success and development.

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