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Opportunities for UT Students

Full Semester Study Abroad Programs

The choice of study abroad programs at the University of Tennessee is wide and varied. Engineering students should start their search with the UT Programs Abroad office. Answering some of these fundamental questions will help you get started.

Most engineering students who study abroad collect their general education electives so they can maximize the number of programs they are eligible for, as relatively few programs offer significant technical content that would count towards their engineering degree. Taking foreign language courses in the country where that language is spoken is another popular choice.

One way of not significantly altering degree progression is to sign up for a UT faculty-directed program. These are short-term programs, usually mini-term or first term summer school, offering one or two courses taught abroad by a UT faculty member.

Current Opportunities

The Tickle College of Engineering has been supplementing the activity of the UT Programs Abroad Office by helping to arrange study abroad options where students can take some engineering coursework in a semester abroad. This allows students to get the benefits of a full semester experience living in another culture while still making some progress towards their engineering degree.

The college does not recommend undergraduate students taking a full load of technical courses while on a semester abroad.

Politecnico di Torino

College departments are currently evaluating coursework for possible pre-approval. View technical coursework offered in English.

Download a flyer about the spring 2018 student exchange program.

University of Manchester

The following courses have been pre-approved by the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering.

  • ME 331 / MACE 11005 Thermodynamics 1-2
  • ME 321 / MACE 10004 Solids and Structures 1-2
  • ME 466 / MACE 21022 Solids and Structures 2 2-2

For other suggested equivalencies, coursework links and information click here

Swansea University

The following courses have been pre-approved by the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering.

  • ME 321/EG-120 Strength of Materials 1-2
  • EE 301-2?/EG-142 Instrumentation and Control 1-2
  • AE 341/EG-160 Fluid Mechanics l 1-2
  • ME 331/EG-161 Thermodynamics 1-2
  • ME 363/EG-260 Dynamics l 2-2

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