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What Can You Do With Engineering

What can you do with an

engineering degree

Engineers are creators, designers, innovators, and problem solvers. They help to provide a more technologically advanced, cleaner, and safer world.

Engineers play a role in the production and development of almost everything we use in our daily lives. In fact, everything you’re using to read the text on this webpage is because an engineer designed something, from the power source to the chemicals and materials used to build the computer to the software and technology used to display this interface.

But the impact of engineering extends beyond your device. Engineers design and build the propulsion systems that launch space crafts into orbit, the bridges and roads we drive on, and the transportation systems that make them work. They develop new alternative fuels and batteries to harness energy such as wind turbines and photovoltaic solar cells.

Engineers design tools to fight cancer, help the blind to see, and protect the world from nuclear threats.

As an Engineering Vol, you’ll have multiple opportunities to positively impact others, whether through a service trip or through a class design project in support of a local nonprofit. After all, giving back is what the Volunteer spirit is all about, and using your intelligence, education, training, and creatively to improve the quality of life for others is the core of that philosophy.

Professional engineers are currently in great demand around the world. Career opportunities for graduating students are excellent, and salaries for entry-level positions are currently far above many other fields.

UT is regarded as a “target university” by many world-renowned corporations and institutions for hiring new engineers. Many of our graduates have risen to top positions in industry, government, and academia. An engineering degree from UT offers an excellent foundation for a successful career.

Our Students Follow Their Passions

Meet Riley Toll, a recent biomedical engineering graduate. She came to UT wanting to do more and learn more about 3D printing and prosthetics. Within months, she’d joined the Maker’s Club and worked with other students to print her own custom-made prosthetic in the college’s Innovation and Collaboration Studio.

Our Students Are Well Connected

We continue to expand co-op and internship opportunities with hundreds of partnering companies that offer students paid, practical experiences that add to their academic coursework. Our data shows that students who complete a co-op significantly increase their career prospects and salary offers upon graduation, often with the same company they worked for during their co-op.

Our special partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, located just 30 minutes from the UT campus, allows students to learn from and conduct research with some of the world’s leading researchers, scientists, and engineers.

The Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program aims to develop professionals who have a systems approach to decision making and can understand how their decisions affect organizations as a whole. The program is a partnership between our college and the Haslam College of Business.

Student works in SNS lab at ORNL
Reach out to our Engineering Ambassadors to learn more about a specific discipline you may be interested in, or to schedule an in-person tour on campus.