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Women Engineers Take the Lead with Student Organizations

Many Engineering Vol student organizations—around two-thirds of them—are headed by women who bring dynamic, fresh approaches to their leadership roles. They gain experience in collaboration, strengthen their Volunteer community, and, through outreach, instill younger women with confidence toward STEM careers. Below, four of these 2018-2019 leaders offer their personal take on how it all fits together.

Kendra Jackson

Kendra Jackson

CEE major Kendra Jackson joined the UT chapter of the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) her freshmen year as a general body member. Now, in her senior year, she serves as its president. Read about Kendra and NSBE.

Lauren Ferrer

Laura Ferrer

CEE senior Laura Ferrer is now president of the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers-UTK chapter (SHPE-UTK) a role she took because of the support she received from the group. SHPE seeks to continue this support and increase the number of Hispanic and Latino engineers in the community. Read about Laura and SHPE.

Kalie Knecht

Kalie Knecht

NE senior Kalie Knecht shares her ongoing fascination for nuclear physics and all things engineering as the president of UT’s chapter of the Society for Women Engineers (SWE). She strives to share the importance of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills that strengthen the career path for fellow students. Read about Kalie and SWE.

Mariah LaFond

Mariah Lafond

MABE senior Mariah Lafond became president of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, to increase her level of engagement on campus and gain leadership experience. She was drawn to the Tau Bet Pi’s mission of promoting academic and professional excellence and wanted to help the UT chapter progress. Read about Mariah and Tau Beta Pi.

Other 2018–2019 student organization leaders include:

  1. Emily Diehl, Engineering Ambassadors chair
  2. Camille Bergin, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics president
  3. Jillian Newmyer, American Nuclear Society president
  4. Jenna Williams, American Society of Ag and Biological Engineering president
  5. Maria Bruce, American Institute of Chemical Engineers president
  6. Lauren Desjardins, Biomedical Engineering Society president
  7. Megan Pitz, Engineering Mentor Program president
  8. Maeve Lawniczak, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering chair
  9. Lucy Hayes, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering president
  10. Brianna Musico, Materials Research Society president
  11. Savannah David, Pi Tau Sigma ME Honor Society president
  12. Natalie Wieber, SLOPE president
  13. Mihaela Dimovska, Systers: Women in EECS at UTK president
  14. Casey Gredzieleski, Theta Tau regent
  15. Madelynn Allison, Women in Industrial and Systems Engineering president
  16. Amanda Bachmann, Women in Nuclear president