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Lynne Parker at the White House

UT Engineering Professor Dubbed America’s First AI Czar

Lynne Parker has served in high-profile science roles during three consecutive presidential administrations, most recently being named to the position of founding director of the National Artificial Intelligence Office in mid-January.

Parker, who maintains her professorship in the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in UT’s Tickle College of Engineering, was recently dubbed “America’s first AI czar” by the Associated Press for her leadership through the intelligence office.

In that role, she helps lead initiatives that explore AI’s use, safety, and potential to reshape our world.

One of the tasks Parker is charged with is helping the public overcome fears and misconceptions about AI, while also making sure that everyone in society benefits from its use.

“There’s an increased need for education and training so that people know how to use AI tools, they know sort of what the capabilities are of AI so that they don’t treat it as magic,” Parker told the AP. “Making sure that it’s responsible use of AI so that we’re not disadvantaging certain people, we’re not achieving biased outcomes.”

The full interview can be read for free on the Associated Press.