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Staff Advisory Council

Members of the TCE Staff Advisory Council pose as a group.

The TCE Staff Advisory Council (TSAC) is an appointed group of Tickle College of Engineering (TCE) staff who meet on the third Wednesday of every month to provide formal input to the college on decisions and issues that impact college staff.

Flash from the Past

Thanks for participating in Flash from the Past this semester. We hope you have enjoyed the contest and felt a little closer to staff within the college. Our last winner is Ashley Cole. Congratulations to her!

Below are the answers to last week’s contest. How did you do?

Collage with Kathleen Kim-Baker, Kathy Williams, Adria Amos, Melissa Callahan, David Goddard, Christie Kennedy, Natalia Hardin, and Laura Tenpenny.
Correct Answers

  1. Kathy Williams
  2. Kathleen Kim-Baker
  3. David Goddard
  4. Laura Tenpenny
  5. Natalia Hardin
  6. Christie Kennedy
  7. Melissa Callahan
  8. Adria Amos


The council’s mission is to foster an ideal workplace while enhancing TCE’s reputation. The council will facilitate communication, support relationship building, nurture a spirit of community, enhance recognition opportunities, and promote personal and professional growth among TCE employees.


  • Submit suggestions to the dean and college administration/leadership
  • Arrange supportive network opportunities
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Impart recognition
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Offer leadership opportunities to council members

The Staff Advisory Council welcomes feedback and suggestions from the college’s staff. Complete this form to submit your ideas to the group.

Additional resources include the Exempt Staff Council and the Employee Relations Advisory Organization.


Name TCE Department Special Interest Group Term Begin
Adria Amos Communications Outreach/Networking Fall 2019
Leah Buffington Dean’s Office Staff Recognition/Awards Fall 2019
Marie Clark ISE Staff Recognition/Awards Fall 2019
Meghan Copley EF, Diversity, Advising, Honors, IBEP, Professional Practice Outreach/Networking Fall 2019
Justin Forbes EECS Staff Recognition/Awards Fall 2019
Frank Holiway MSE Outreach/Networking Fall 2019
Amber Mathes* CEE Staff Recognition/Awards Fall 2019
Tonya Mathes NE Training/Professional Development Fall 2019
Chris Parsons Development Training/Professional Development Fall 2019
Rhnea Reagan MABE Training/Professional Development Fall 2019
Lesia Rucker BESS Outreach/Networking Fall 2019
Amber Tipton* CBE Training/Professional Development Fall 2019
Beth Thrasher HR Outreach/Networking Fall 2019
Amber White* RMC Staff Recognition/Awards Fall 2019
Carrie Zitzman Dean’s Office Training/Professional Development Fall 2019

*Officers: Amber White, Chairperson; Amber Mathes, Vice-Chairperson; and Amber Tipton, Secretary

Special Interest Groups

Staff Recognition/Awards
Training/Professional Development

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