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TSAC Aims to Make Staff Feel Represented on Campus

TCE Staff Advisory Council (TSAC) was established in 2019 and is made up of fifteen staff members from every area of the college. The council’s main mission is to foster an ideal workplace while enhancing TCE’s reputation.

The council facilitates communication, supports relationship building, nurtures a spirit of community, enhances recognition opportunities, and promotes personal and professional growth among TCE employees. TSAC aims to arrange supportive network opportunities, provide educational opportunities, foster a sense of community, impart recognition, as well as offer leadership opportunities to council members.

“The idea behind the council was to have a central group of representatives that could represent the needs of all the staff,” said council chairperson Amber White. Staff wanted a voice and to be heard, and TSAC was organized to do that for them.

“There are faculty, there are students, and then there are people that are turning the gears behind the scenes, and sometimes those people get overlooked. That is where the council steps in and will make sure we are represented, while also making sure we have a positive workspace and that we are working on things effectively that matter to us.”

One of the impacts already made by the council is the revamping of the annual staff awards. There used to be just three staff awards, but TSAC created a subcommittee that worked to expand them to eight awards. The council was also able to secure a $1,000 award for each of the winners.

Along with improving staff awards, they also set up different activities for staff around the college. These include ice cream socials, bingo games, and walking programs at lunch breaks. TSAC is also passionate about staff giving back to their community. The council will offer multiple community service projects in the coming months.

“The biggest take away I want people to see is that we are here,” said White. “I don’t think a lot of people know that the council is here and that we are actively trying to get things in the works for staff to feel like they belong. We want staff to reach out and ask questions, tell us what they need or would like to see. We want people to know that we are here and there is support here for staff.”

For more about TSAC or to submit a suggestion for the council.