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Matthew Mench checks on the progress of a 3D Printer.

Tickle College of Engineering Has Several Honored by UTRF

During the UT Research Foundation’s annual awards in December, several groups and individuals from the Tickle College of Engineering were recognized for their efforts.

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni were noted for having technology licensed last year:

  • Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement Matthew Mench, for Tamper Evident Lock Box (TEL BOXX)
  • MABE Associate Professor Andy Sarles and alumnus Graham Taylor, for Novel Methods for Measuring Parameters of Cell Membranes
  • MABE students Kelsey McConachie, Isaac Nolan, Thao Strong, and Ryan Tinker, for Swim Resistance System
  • Retired Department of Materials Science and Engineering faculty member Peter Tsai, for Methods of Preparing Dielectric Non-Woven Materials for Enhanced Air Filtration Efficiencies

Tsai was also named the Wheeley Innovator for 2019, in honor of his collaborations and connections with UTRF dating back more than 25 years.

Professor Xueping Li of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering had two of the college’s three selections for 2020 maturation grants, both in collaboration with the College of Nursing: SaaS Provisioning of the Simulated Electronic Fetal Monitoring (SEFM) App, with Associate Dean and Torchbearer Professor Tami Wyatt, Director of Simulation Susan Hébert, and Clinical Assistant Professor Sheila Taylor, and Pilot Study for the eVisit Simulation App, with Clinical Assistant Professor Lisa Merritt.

Professor Michael Berry of the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science also had a maturation grant for his work with UT Health Science Center Assistant Professor Jillian McCarthy-Maeder on Vocabulary Coordinator (VocaCoord): A Speech to Text Solution to Accessing Academic Vocabulary.

The college also has ties to nine patents that were issued for 2019, including seven from EECS alone:

  • Professor Emeritus Doug Birdwell, Professor Emeritus Mark Dean, and alumna Catherine Schuman, for three: Method and Apparatus for Constructing, Using and Reusing Components and Structures of an Artificial Neural Network; Method and Apparatus for Constructing a Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Array (DANNA); and Method and Apparatus for Providing Real-Time Monitoring of an Artificial Neural Network
  • Birdwell and Schuman, for a fourth, Method and Apparatus for Providing Random Selection and Long-Term Potentiation and Depression in an Artificial Network
  • Governor’s Chair for Power Electronics Yilu Liu, alumnus Wenxuan Yao, and graduate student Jiecheng Zhao, for Synchrophasor Measurement Method for Power Systems
  • Liu, Yao, former Assistant Professor Wei Gao, student Haoyang Lu, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Lingwei Zhan, for Mobile Electric Field Sensor Based Phasor Measurement Unit for Monitoring an Electric Power Grid
  • Associate Professor Daniel Costinett, Min H. Kao Professor Leon Tolbert, Professor and Condra Chair of Excellence in Power Electronics Fei Wang, students Jingxin Wang and Fei Yang, and ORNL’s Sheng Zheng, for DC Current Controller for Continuously Variable Series Reactor

Additionally, Mench, MABE Associate Professor Chad Duty, and Rosenberg Associate Professor of Practice Matthew Young got a patent for Tampering Detection Clamping Box for Ingress/Egress Lines, while MSE Research Professor and Director of the Scintillation Materials Research Center Charles Melcher, Assistant Professor Mariya Zhuravleva, and graduate student Luis Stand patented Ternary Metal Halide Scintillators.