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Tennessee River at sunrise with Engineering campus in the background

TCE Introduces IP Law Graduate Certificate Program

Striving to provide students with invaluable skills in today’s technology-based economy, the Tickle College of Engineering is introducing a new graduate certificate program this fall that blends technical and legal knowledge.

The engineering intellectual property law graduate certificate program is designed to bridge the gap between the intricate domains of engineering and law, empowering engineering professionals with the legal expertise required to protect their inventions, designs, and innovations while also providing them with the needed foundation for IP protection-related jobs.

“In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, understanding intellectual property law is crucial for engineers,” said Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Michael Danquah. “In addition to making students more marketable by providing them with specialized skills, the program will strengthen UT’s position as a leader in interdisciplinary education to meet emerging workforce needs in Tennessee and beyond.”

The 12 credit-hour program will be offered online, consisting of three required courses (nine credit hours) and one elective course (three credit hours).

Some key areas to be covered in the program include patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and contracting, which will provide students with an understanding of the legal framework surrounding these rights and strategies to apply them to engineering and technology fields.

“We are delighted to see more colleges focus on the increasingly important role that intellectual property plays in so many aspects of our society, and we are honored to partner with the College of Engineering on this very exciting program,” said Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and W. Allen Separk Distinguished Professor of Law Michael Higdon.


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