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TCE Celebrates Faculty Promotions & Tenure for 2020

Congratulations to faculty members across the college who will start the 2020 fall semester with well-earned promotions and tenure.

Promoted to Full Professors

Hahn Choo

Materials Science and Engineering

Research: Advanced structural alloys & neutron/synchrotron x-ray diffraction

Hahn Choo, MSE

Lawrence Heilbronn
John D. Tickle Professor

Nuclear Engineering

Research: Medical isotope production, nuclear space sciences, health physics, space radiation transport and shielding, neutron and light ion production cross section measurements, heavy ion cross section and thick-target measurements

Heilbronn, Lawrence NE

Gila Stein
Prados Professor

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Self-assembly in polymeric systems, physics of confined polymers, thermodynamics of polymer blends, architectural design of polymers, lithographic materials, coatings, thin film membranes, x-ray scattering methods

Stein, Gila CBE

Andrew Yu
Director of Engineering Management Program

Industrial and Systems Engineering


Research: Operations research, systems engineering, supply chain and logistics optimization, scheduling and assignment, requirement engineering and optimization, systems of systems performance prediction

Tenured and Promoted to Full Professor

Garrett Steven Rose

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research: Nanoelectric circuit design, memristors and memristive systems, emerging nanoelectronic computer architectures, hardware security and security implications of emerging computing systems, neuromorphic computing


Audris Mockus
Ericsson-Harlan Mills Chair Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research: Software engineering, data science, digital archaeology

Mockus, Audris EECS

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

Steven Abel

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Computational cell biology and immunology, theory and simulation of soft biological materials, membrane and polymer biophysics, antigen recognition by immune cells, intracellular transport, stochastic and spatial effects in biochemical reaction networks, systems biology, statistical mechanics

David Donovan

Nuclear Engineering

Research: Fusion energy science, plasma physics, plasma-material interactions, near term applications of nuclear fusion devices, material characterization tools, He ion damage to tungsten in fusion relevant environments, plasma and heat flux diagnostic development and implementation, surface chemistry analysis, boundary plasma experimental research, impurity transport studies in magnetically confined fusion devices

Michael Jantz

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research: Virtual machines, operating systems, compilers, program optimization, performance and power efficiency

Anahita Khojandi

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research: Markov decision processes, dynamic programming, predictive analytics, reinforcement learning, time series analysis, anomaly detection, applied probability and statistics

Seungha Shin

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

Research: Fundamentals and innovative applications of energy transport and conversion (Heat transfer physics) – Multiscale, multiphysics simulations (ab initio, molecular dynamics, and meso or Boltzmann). Thermal energy transport and conversion in nonequilibrium, heterostructures (interfaces, molecular junctions), graphene, and energy conversion devices

Stephanie TerMaath
Jessie Rogers Zeanah Faculty Fellow

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

Research: High performance computing, structural mechanics, fracture mechanics, structural dynamics, material science

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