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Bridging the Gap—Project Aims to Increase Transportation Equity

A new National Science Foundation-backed initiative led by the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville, the Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC), and the United Way of Greater Knoxville hopes to change an automobile-dominated transportation system and a pronounced digital divide based on race, income, and rural-urban status.

Carbon-free Aircraft Propulsion; Greener Skies

Fred Wang led a recently concluded project that UT and Boeing conducted for NASA that explored a new, carbon-free means of electrified aircraft propulsion.

Accolades: Boggs Brings It for Road Safety, Minneci Minimizes Material Stress

Boggs’s research includes examining self-driving vehicle crashes and disengagements and commercial vehicle parking shortage. The title of Boggs’s dissertation is “Analysis of Automated Vehicle Crashes and Disengagements.”