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Wastewater Monitoring Plan Could Keep Campus Safe From COVID-19

Terry Hazen’s research team will help UT monitor the wastewater of most of the campus buildings potentially monitoring 30 buildings per week.

UT Expert Co-Authors Study on Oil Spill Clean Up Safety

“One of the biggest concerns in cleanup efforts is the effect the spill has on people’s health and livelihood,” Hazen said. “It’s not just that oil itself is harmful and potentially even flammable, but you have to be careful what kind of chemicals you expose crews to while trying to clean or contain the oil.”

College Home to Three of the Most Cited Researchers

UT Researches Effects of Fracking on Water Health

Terry Hazen, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair, is looking at how aquatic microbial communities are impacted by biocides associated with hydraulic fracking.